– Porn Star Porn News Blog | whitepiar.ru http://whitepiar.ru Throwing Fags and Faghags from the closet since 2011 Thu, 19 Apr 2018 07:11:37 +0000 en-US hourly 1 /> Whiny Jason Quinlan XXXJAY compares cybercrime to rape | whitepiar.ru http://whitepiar.ru/whiny-jason-quinlan-xxxjay-compares-cybercrime-to-rape/ Thu, 19 Apr 2018 07:06:48 +0000 http://whitepiar.ru/?p=17809 Why do we care about this idiot’s problems and why was this submitted?  He is now slurring his speech due to years of drug abuse. Nothing he says should be taken seriously. All drug addicts and whores lie.

Alexandra Mayers tells another lie just to get attention | whitepiar.ru http://whitepiar.ru/alexandra-mayers-tells-another-lie-just-to-get-attention/ Thu, 19 Apr 2018 06:38:01 +0000 http://whitepiar.ru/?p=17811 Alexandra Mayers broadcasted live from her dark car lying that she stood up for some employees in her grocery store against a bully! We all know that Mayers has never stood her ground against any bullies her whole life, especially those in her own family. Mayers, who has been proven to be a bully by Marc Randazza and this website that she hates so much, just loves to lie lie lie lie lie!

When will Mayers make the big move to get away from her mom that she hates so much? That’s right, she can’t afford it! No one wants an unattractive, unemployed, dark skin black woman living with them either, especially at the age of 40 & obsesses over the porn biz that she flunked out of a decade ago.

Desperate for attention from strangers and people who She’ll never meet in person like Barry, Mayers continues to prove how pathetic her life is.

Nobody in the porn biz cares about Alexandra Mayers opinions | whitepiar.ru http://whitepiar.ru/nobody-in-the-porn-biz-cares-about-alexandra-mayers-opinions/ Thu, 19 Apr 2018 02:27:49 +0000 http://whitepiar.ru/?p=17807 Alexandra Mayers spent another day in her failed life obsessing over Porn and involving herself in Porn discussions that nobody even invited her into. For the past several years, nobody has ever asked Mayers for her any of her opinions. Mayers doesn’t know anything and she always get her facts wrong because she lies. Female performers would be much worse off if Mayers had things ran her way.

Mayers continues to obsess over the Porn biz hoping that she maybe able to make a comeback; however, nobody not even the APAG Union would help her!

BREAKING: PWL RESPONDS TO RACIST ALLEGATIONS! | whitepiar.ru http://whitepiar.ru/pwl-responds-to-racist-allegations/ Wed, 18 Apr 2018 22:32:27 +0000 http://whitepiar.ru/?p=17799 We are so tired of defending our position on this. PWL will say this one more time and will issue a challenge that the race card holders can take us up on: PWL IS NOT RACIST. These claims make no sense because if PWL were racist why are there are more WHITE performers profiled here than performers of any other race? PWL does not favor one  ethnic background over any others. Where’s the proof? All PWL does is take info that is already in the public domain and arrange that info onto a wiki, a blog and sometimes a forum thread. No one put a gun to any of these people’s heads and forced them to make the career decisions they did. They just were born a few decades too late where everything is now searchable by anyone via the internet.

Now for the challenge: If any of you race card holders find something that you think is racist on this site, contact us and we will look it over and remove it if we agree that it appears racist. That means if it is a racial slur or if a performer was targeted due to their skin color. If it’s just a black performer that got a wiki and is not happy about it, that isn’t racism, sorry. PWL are not racists and don’t condone racism and many wiki editors and contributors from the past who may have had different values are now gone. We can’t keep on top of 15,000 wikis without people speaking up. Don’t think we’re removing anything about people like Alexandra Mayers, that stuff has zero to do with racism. She just used that card until she wore it out but there are many white performers here with far more wiki views than her. She’s one of those blacks that blames her failed life on racism which never gets these people anywhere in life. She has nothing to back up her claims. More lies from a serial liar. Trannies and gays and other dangerous crossovers can save their time also. You people are a danger to this business and you deserve to be here and you aren’t coming down.

And folks, if you aren’t going to contact us and tell us what exactly is posted on this site that is racist and why it needs to be removed, then you are in no position to call this a hate site. You will have had your chance and blown it. That would make you part of the problem and a racist also. Well, we are waiting…

Make America Horny Again Tour 2018: Go pay $100 to watch old single mom dance naked! | whitepiar.ru http://whitepiar.ru/mke-america-horny-again-tour-2018-go-pay-100-to-watch-old-single-mom-dance-naked/ Wed, 18 Apr 2018 22:18:22 +0000 http://whitepiar.ru/?p=17796 Anyone that’s interested in watching a hagged out old whore and mother dance naked on stage should check out the Make America Horny again Stormy Daniels dance tour and then get the mental help that you severely need. And you could use some financial counseling if you’re wasting your money this way.

More lies from career liar Alexandra Mayers | whitepiar.ru http://whitepiar.ru/more-lies-from-career-liar-alexandra-mayers/ Wed, 18 Apr 2018 05:25:47 +0000 http://whitepiar.ru/?p=17789 Some people never learn. Alexandra Mayers has made a career of lying but she hasn’t even been successful at it. Her lying put her in debt to the tune of $166k and she even lies her age on the sex cam sites by at least a dozen years at last check which shows that getting older bothers her. Now she is lying abut Donny Long and claiming he shut down his social media and is on the run and in hiding because she opened a stalking case against him. Let’s go all the way back to rule # 1, students: ALL WHORES LIES.

Had to close his social media? First, Donny is on Instagram and also on Twitter as so there is one of her lies debunked. The truth of the matter is that her and her fat fan bois stalk and report everything he posts to try to silence him because he speaks the truth about what a piece of shit she is. She has tried to get this site pulled also to no avail. She can’t fight us so she wants us silenced. Good luck. Second, the courts that she filed cases with show on their web sites that everything she filed was dismissed. Lie #2 debunked. It is literally online for anyone to look up and see. Just do a search on this site because the screen shots of the court web sites are posted here somewhere. Not sure what she thinks Donny is running from but there is no reason to run from her as she has no leg to stand on with any of her claims and those screen shots are proof. All we see in Donny’s videos is a guy that travels around and films it. How many people on the run video their adventures?

This woman is truly mentally ill and this is on top of the fact that she only had half a brain to begin with. It is our belief that the number Marc Randazza did on her completely flipped her out and there is now no turning back from her mental illness. She just hates when people get over on her. She can’t fight Randazza without risking having him put her in jail next time so she goes after Donny but she can’t do anything to him either. There is literally no one that she can sue or take to court or get served with anything and it drives her insane.

By the way, she’s putting out a lot of bad karma with that Fattorosi remark and won’t get a lot of sympathy when it comes back down on her in 2032 when she dies of a stroke, heart attack, diabetes or some kind of cancer. Remember how she made fun of guys like Will Ryder and others back in 2010 or so for being “Old porn perverts in their 40’s” thinking age wouldn’t ever catch up with her and now that is has, she lies about her age by a dozen years out of shame. Don’t think health problems aren’t next for this piece of garbage. Remember what she posted during her drug and Twitter binge over the weekend about never going to doctors due to not having insurance. Because of this, she doesn’t know what the status of her health is so when something finally does happen, she won’t be able to catch it early. We don’t imagine she is living a disease preventative lifestyle. Probably just the opposite. Lots of pain and suffering in her future. Pass the popcorn.

The Video That DESTROYED Transgenderism | whitepiar.ru http://whitepiar.ru/the-video-that-destroyed-transgenderism/ Tue, 17 Apr 2018 23:57:28 +0000 http://whitepiar.ru/?p=17779 Watch this guy own the fuck out of mentally ill sicko fags and faghags and liberals in this video below.

The Video That DESTROYED Transgenderism

BREAKING NEWS: TOTAL Proof that Stormy Daniels Real Name Stephanie Gregory Clifford AND HER LAWYER are nothing but LIARS and that EVERYTHING they say is a HUGE LIE for ATTENTION AND MONEY | whitepiar.ru http://whitepiar.ru/total-proof-that-stormy-daniels-real-name-stephanie-gregory-clifford-and-her-lawyer-are-nothing-but-liars-and-that-everything-they-say-is-a-huge-lie-for-attention-and-money/ Tue, 17 Apr 2018 23:15:41 +0000 http://whitepiar.ru/?p=17781 Rule number one folks is that all whores and faggots in porn do is LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE and we prove this time and time again and ANYONE that believes or publicizes or gives attention to anything whores like Stephanie Clifford says or her faggot lying lawyer Michael Avenatti is one dumb fuck. The latest attention seeking scam they are making millions off from main stream media sending traffic to this whores porn is claiming this whore was threatened and her having a scetch done of the guy but problem is the person in the drawing sure does look like someone she knows alright!

“His face is burned in my memory”. Slow down the tape. She actually said, “His face was buried in my mammaries”.😂

Yea this is because she is LYING! The only person burned into her brain is a homosexual crossover exboyfriend from gay porn. Proof Below:

PS: So basically we have 2 homosexuals and a faghag attacking trump. Gay mafia again attacking straight male gods!

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster‏ “If I were an active pornstar, I would “ | whitepiar.ru http://whitepiar.ru/alexandra-mayers-aka-monica-foster%e2%80%8f-if-i-were-an-active-pornstar-i-would/ Tue, 17 Apr 2018 16:59:28 +0000 http://whitepiar.ru/?p=17778 When will this dumb cock eyed bucked tooth monkey STFU already? jeeeez Monica you are not a “active pornstar” and never will be because you failed and got HIV and ran out of the business you flunked in. Nobody cares what you “Would” do as your are a LOSER with a capital L just like the rest of the Mayers family and your failed school teacher mother Joan Rucker Mayers.

Wait didnt this tard say she was going to stop talking about porn? She still sits all day and night talking about the porn business the industry she failed at.


Stop hiding behind police and the courts, Mayers, and face us here! | whitepiar.ru http://whitepiar.ru/stop-hiding-behind-police-and-the-courts-mayers-and-face-us-here/ Tue, 17 Apr 2018 06:05:00 +0000 http://whitepiar.ru/?p=17769 This gutless chicken shit of a woman, who throws her elderly parents under the bus IN PUBLIC on Twitter along with her mentally ill sister because she knows they can’t tell their side of the story there, needs to blog here if she has a problem with what is written here and we will post her side and respond. Her and Dzial simply have no balls and have to stay in their safe space echo chambers and in Mayers’s case, she has to take it further and run to police and courts who DO NOTHING because they know that SHE is the one doing the stalking.

Start blogging, tough guys. We are waiting…