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Christianx aka ChristianXXX aka trannyfuckerxxx Real name: Christian Michael Wians (born on May 8, 1974) is a pornographic actor, Hooker, Cam Hooker, Clips Hooker, pimp, pedophile and purveyor of child pornography, prominent member of the Gay Mafia, affiliate spammer, piece of shit and scam artist. He was known as Maxx Diesel in untested gay porn where most actors are HIV "Known Positives." He is still active in transsexual porn which he has admitted to on his Twitter feed many times in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. He has blogged about his trips to Thailand to fuck Transsexuals for money. On one such trip in 2013, he claimed to be getting paid to perform in 14 transsexual scenes. He openly flirts with Transsexuals over Twitter. Christianxxx works in straight porn and used to direct for a very large straight porn company called Naughty America before he was fired. He escorts and was or is pimped out by British pimp Derek Hay, who is one of the ring leaders of the Gay Mafia. This is the kind of behavior that has caused every HIV break out in porn including the last breakout caused by Cameron Reed. If you Google Christian Michael Wians, the whole first page is about Christian and his lowlife ways. He lives with Lexi Sindel who is his beard

Christian Michael wians.jpg
"Oh yes, fuck my butt." Christian acts as bottom for Tommy Brandt (As seen on The Famous Trannyfucker Warning Poster.
Born Christian Michael Wians
May 8, 1974 (1974-05-08) (age 43)
Burlington, Vermont
Alias(es) Maxx Diesel, Christian, Christian XXX
Height 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Weight 238 lb (108 kg; 17.0 st)
Eye color Blue
Hair color Pre-maturely bald
Ethnicity Caucasian
No. of adult films 1054 (per IAFD)[1]
Official website
at IMDb
at Adultfilmdatabase


Former UPS Store Mailbox Address


Wians has now relocated to Las Vegas.

ChristianXXX Family and Friends

christianx the trannyfuckers mom and dad in disgrace

Dr. Frank Wians is Christian's dad. He is reported to be very disappointed in Christian's "career" choice but has accepted it because Christian is making and saving money and has health insurance. When Frank and his wife Patti found out about what Christian was doing, the family became devastated. Transsexual Vicky Richter reports that he consoled Christian by fucking him on the same night that Christian broke the news to his family. Richter reports that this happened in a Los Angeles hotel room.

Patti Wians is Christian's mother. Her father Mario passed away in early 2011.

Christian's brother, Jason Wians, was missing for a short time after an 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan on March 11, 2011. Eventually, Jason was found alive and well and continues to live in Japan and runs an English School, a wedding planning business and owns a bar there named Jason's Bar.
Jason's Bar.
Christianx featured at Derek Hays LA Direct Models website.


After the passing of Hunter Bryce, who's last tweet was to Christian, he began to blame Hunter's passing on Tucker Slain. On the day of her death, Christian posted a tribute to Bryce and posted some of his favorite photos of her, taken by him. Some of these photos showed her completely in the nude. Classy.

ChristianXXX Porn Videos

Paraphilic infantilism

Search ChristianX Porn Videos

His blog in 2008 and his Wikipedia entry that is closely guarded by his fans, suggest that he did just a few gay porn scenes to start in the business and then permanently moved to the straight side. This is incorrect. In 2008, he neglected to mention any of his transsexual porn scenes on his blog, despite being very active in transsexual porn at that time and throughout his career. As of 2014, he is almost exclusively working on the transsexual side of porn, other than doing a few plumper scenes or pegging scenes here and there that sees him get butt raped by a woman. He is very active on HungAngels.com, a transsexual porn forum and has described himself as One of the best male performers in Transsexual Porn history.

Gay Performer That Worked With ChristianXXX Killed Himself

Christian, as Maxx Diesel, worked with gay porn star Benjamin 'Caleb Carter' Gilbert in Never Been Touched (2004.) One reviewer describes the action: A hot scene with Carter getting deflowered by Maxx Diesel is another winner (he stays hard as he mounts Diesel in a fantastic shot). Carter later hung himself. He was HIV+ at the time of his death.
DVD containing the scene with Diesel and Carter.

ChristianXXX Stars Almost Exclusively In TS Porn As Of 2013

IAFD and IMDB list Christianx's titles as a performer and show that he does next to no straight scenes as of 2013.

ChristianXXX Message Board and talk

ChristianX Talk

ChristianXXX Biography

ChristianXXX Early life

Christian was born in Burlington, Vermont and soon after moved to the San Antonio, Texas area with his family. Both his parents were in the U.S. Air Force. Also has two younger brothers. Christian attended Tarleton State University and played basketball there for one year before returning home and transferring to University of Texas at San Antonio. One member of his team, Thaddeus Wordlaw was later convicted as a sex offender in Texas. He graduated in 1997 with a bachelor's degree in history which he has never used at all in life. The degree has amounted to nothing more than an expensive piece of toilet paper and saddled him with student loan debt, which forced him into gay and then later tranny porn that he continues to participate in today. He went to graduate school and was an assistant basketball coach at University of the Incarnate Word for a year and then at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College. He returned home to finish his coursework in education and had a series of low paying teaching jobs, which also influenced his decision to enter gay porn. He lived in Lake Jackson, Texas, coached basketball, and taught history at Brazoswood High School for 2 years before moving to Las Vegas, Nevada to become a nightclub doorman/bouncer at a club in 2002.[3]

ChristianXXX Pornography career

Christianx Partners Wall of Shame

Christian "I'm not attracted to guys" Wians, somehow finds a dick in his mouth.
Christian "I'm not attracted to guys" Wians, somehow finds himself as the top in a gay anal sex scene.

Christian is a Crossover performer, putting his dick in anything that walks. He is known to work several scenes per day as noted on his blog. He has been known to have high risk anal sex with Transsexuals, unprotected, followed by unprotected sex with female performers all in a day. Performers he has worked with should be avoided at all costs and they can be found on the Christianx Partners Wall of Shame.

He was dating the pornographic actress, Lovette, and performed an amateur production with her in 2000. In 2003, he contacted director Chi Chi LaRue, in an attempt to enter the heterosexual pornography industry to spread his gayness. LaRue, who also directed gay pornography for Falcon Entertainment and was a flamer, asked Christian if he would be interested in performing in homosexual movies instead. Christian agreed since he preferred men even though gay pornography they get paid less (200 dollars for one scene) compared to straight. Christian signed an exclusive contract with Falcon Studios working under the name Maxx Diesel.[4][5]

ChristianXXX Maxx Diesel Myspace

Christian is clearly gay based on things that are included on his "Maxxdieselrocks" Myspace page.

"My first payday for Getting it Straight!"

ChristianXXX Fired From Naughty America

Christian was fired from his gig as a director and producer of content for Naughty America. The details are currently unavailable for his dismissal, but undoubtedly had to do with his use of crossovers who had to suck him off for work. He has since been replaced by Bobby Manila. Christian's long time lap dog and photographer Shel Black was recently asking Jeremy Steele if he had a place to crash due to his now reduced circumstances.

Christianx Admits he enjoys sex with men

With an intimidating 6' 5" frame, eight inches of manhood and the Abercrombie & Fitch picture perfect masculinity, I am one of Falcon's highest commodities at the moment, starring in such films as "Addiction" and "Getting It Straight." I enjoy what I do when Falcon flies me to San Francisco to shoot these gays sex flicks, but back home in the Midwest no one knows about my "other job."

ChristianXXX Admits he takes raw dick up his ass

These days I have begun to experiment with bottoming and thankfully for all of you, it is all on camera!

Christianx Admits to being bisexual

Status: Single Here for: Networking, Dating, Serious Relationships, Friends Orientation: Bi Body type: 6' 5" / Body builder Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

Christianx Begins career as Crossover

In 2004, he started performing heterosexual scenes under the name of "Christian XXX". His resume included performing with transsexuals and females.[5] He has said in interviews that he enjoyed his time working in gay porn but employers in the straight porn industry like Donny Long and many female performers have made it hard for him to work as talent and have refused to work with Christian after hearing of his ongoing gay performing and ongoing transsexual work.[5] HOWEVER, he continues to fuck Transsexuals bareback and flirts with young up and coming TS on Twitter.


Christianx Gay Hooking

See photo left. He made comments saying that he did not last long as a gay hooker because they only get paid $200-$300 an hour and that isn't enough for him compared to what female porn stars make to escort ($1500+/hr). Do not think for a second that he would not jump at the chance to hook for a wealthy faggot if the money was right. In fact, he is listed on pamelapeaks.com for $1500/hr to women and couples ONLY, which anyone with a brain would call bullshit on. If they money is right, he'll gay hook.

ChristianXXX Pimp

Christianxxx is believed to be involved in illegal escorting as a pimp. He has stated many times that he is pro-escorting because it provides the girl (And him) with "A lot of money for not a lot of work." Christianxxx has not gone into great detail on Twitter or his blog about his involvement because he does not wish to be prosecuted for his actions.

ChristianXXX Cam Hooking

Christianx hooks on cam, April 7, 2011
Christianx brags about making money off perverts with no taste

Christian announced that he would embark on a cam hooking career on Streamate.com as of Sunday, March 27, 2011. His Streamate profile reads:

Big and Bald Texan Sex Worker - Veteran XXX Performer

About My Show

Come meet me, hang out, and ask me any questions. I love to be online and webcam all night long!

What Turns Me On

I have all kinds of fetishes and I love to have fun with fun people.

My Expertise

I am a veteran porn performer for almost 10 years. I have worked for all the major studios - Falcon, Vivid, Wicked, Digital Playground, Brazzers, Reality Kings, Adam & Eve, Penthouse, Playboy, but most of all I work for Naughty America.

Christian lists himself as 'Straight' on his Streamate profile. However, most of the male talent on cam sites cater to gay clientele.

Christian is pulling in a nice trickle of cash from suckers who make less than he does just to watch him jerk off. This proves how weird gay people are. What could Christian possibly do on a web cam that is worth paying for? Nice going morons.

Christian admitted that jerking off on web cam was tedious and repetitive and that he was burnt out on it which makes anyone that pays to watch this tired old man, a fool.

ChristianXXX Hate For Fans

Despite maintaining an Amazon Wish List that he expects fans to buy him stuff off of, going on web cam and expecting fans to pay for a private show with him, and constantly tweeting links to porn sites that he expects fans to click and purchase things from, ChristianXXX despises porn fans and makes this known daily on Twitter.

one tweet can send super fanboi's OFF on a bitter tweeting rampage #power

you forgot to end that tweet with "signed a bitter super fanboi" lol

if u r in this biz & u listen to the ramblings of a FAN who knows literally ZERO about how our industry works - u r an idiot

sorry fans...i am not following you so you can DM me...just email me any questions, comments, concerns, or critiques.

ChristianXXX Recruiting Underage Girls

In Feb, 2014, Christian reported through Twitter that he was attending the Miley Cyrus concert at Staples Center. He made several disturbing tweets accompanied by photos that suggested that he was there to recruit underage teen girls. This was corroborated on his girlfriend Lexi Sindel's Twitter feed as she admitted what they were up to.

5h okay I am off to Staples Center!

3h There are literally 10,000 teen sluts here #loveit

8m damn was pretty fucking cool in concert - being on the floor about 20 feet from her was even cooler

ChristianXXX Affiliate Spammer and Scam Artist

Many porn companies have handed over their Twitter accounts to Christianx, so that he can spend hour per day spamming links to their sites. When a sale is made through one of the links, he gets paid. He often uses these accounts to harass girls that refused to work with him at some point. He won't promote these girls either, even though they may work for one of the agencies whose Twitter he handles. He will not promote the male talent that work for these agencies, seeing them as his competition. He also uses these accounts to post links to his own clips store.

ChristianXXX Content Trade Scammer

Christianx will offer many girls "Content trade" shoots through Twitter. If they agree, he fucks them on camera for free, so that they can both use the scene for their sites. Most of the time, he will sell the scene to his fans AND the female talents fans and the female talent gets nothing.

ChristianXXX Feud With

Twitter user , with 80,000 followers, has set fire to Christianx and exposed his scams and tricks and warned girls to stay away. Christianx apologist Sean Tompkins came to his rescue and published an article on his site about bimbo Trinity st clair tweeting negative comments about continues to spread the word of what a scumbag Christian is.

ChristianXXX Tweets On Agents Accounts

Christianx has been given control of the Twitter accounts of agencies Matrix Models (), OC Models (), Adult Talent Managers (), Metro Talent () and 101 Models () and uses them to spam Twitter and harass performers and fans. He also uses these to promote, but refuses to promote talent that he does not like or those who might have a problem with him, even if they are promoted by one of these agencies.

Pathetic Petty cries on the acct to their followers about us because we outed how he cheats

There's ATM | LA then there is 's run ONLY by him. His tweets,dms,replies,retweets. He has no agent just 5 agents act

dont protect your agencies twitter account if your agent doesn't even "run" it matrix,ocm,atmla,metro,101

ChristianXXX Gives Advice To New Performers

Because he claims to have been a teacher at one time, Christianx thinks he is qualified to hand out advice to young, naive performers even though he is a failure on so many levels. He will give advice on life and on the business from time to time on Twitter, claiming that performers should strive to work hard and have goals like he does. However, he has not worked hard since his days as a teacher, an experience that he describes as "A miserable life." His goals and job opportunities are also limited, unless he wants to be a porn performer well into old age. This is something he said he would never do, announcing his retirement from porn in 2013, only to retract the statement in 2014.

Christianx Gets Ass Set On Fire

C3X had his sexuality called into question and was exposed on a gay blog that was linked to on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum:

In the world of straight porn, Maxx is known as Christian XXX. He's a male performer who currently maintains that he only works with females and goes out of his way to be seen as straight.

Unfortunately, the facade appears to be crumbling. An escort ad posted by Maxx was discovered and posted on a straight porn discussion site. Click here for a screenshot of the ad. On another straight porn discussion site called AdultDVDTalk.com, a female porn star decided against using Maxx Diesel/Christian in an upcoming film, after members of her personal posted links to Maxx/Christian performing hardcore sex with different transsexuals.'

Maxx/Christian is missing the the real issue at hand. It has nothing do with his on-camera sexual performance or his behavior on set. The rates of HIV infection are higher during male to male contact than male to female contact and his ongoing behavior is of interest because he has a history of male to male sexual intercourse. He has topped and bottomed bareback with transsexuals on film before. He has worked as a male escort who is versatile (either topping or bottoming) since late 2004 (look at his escort ad). Maxx/Christian has worked in the straight porn industry constantly during that period all the while stating that he is a straight male who did some gay for pay work, but does not have any sexual contact with males off camera. The evidence provided (i.e., the escort ad, the information from MenAtPlay.com about him working for the site this year) has shown his statement not to be true. Essentially, he's a liar.

Christianx Owned on Twitter


Honey... Don't be so big headed. Your the last upon my list of retweets. last time I checked, I blocked you

dude I'm sick of all your bs can you leave me the fuck alone

this will be my last tweet u. I know u like nuts but lay off mine. Enjoy ur trip tough guy. Lay off the Taebo classes

Christian Sings the Blues/Narcissist

He had a blog up about his life in the business titled, Christian Sings the Blues. He explained the title, "I complain about my life where I have sex with women and make good money and only work about four hours."[6] The blog was abandoned in late 2008 when Phoenix Marie moved in with C3X. He briefly started blogging again in 2010 but once again it was abandoned. He pops into his blog from time to time - usually at the beginning of the year - to update readers on how he just had the greatest financial year of his life or what great shape he is in or which of his relatives decided to croak that year. He also accidentally exposed his agent Derek Hay as a pimp and Demi Delia as a madam. The blog was also evidence of sociopathic behavior on his part, he hurt or destroyed many personal relationships in that year, though he claims it never affected the amount of work he's received.

As of 2014, he is an occasional blogger on the site. But the site now mainly focuses on his homosexual endeavors and caters to his homosexual and bisexual fan base as he is only able to get work with transsexuals and plumpers these days, having been blackballed by the majority of the business. He uses the blog to make sales to his sites and partners and is lazy about updating it. The mainstream porn fans that the blog catered to in 2008 have been alienated.
Tommy's Tale with Maxx Diesel
Up All Night with Maxx Diesel

Trannyfucker Warning Poster

In May of 2008, on his blog, Christian discussed The Famous Trannyfucker Warning Poster that was hanging in the offices of Donny Long Studios. Christian admits that the poster "shows me in 2 of my gay porn scenes from 2005, Tommy's Tales and Up All Night." As of 2014, the poster still gets discussed and is legendary on adult forums and blogs.

The Famous Trannyfucker Warning Poster that once hung in the offices of Donny Long Studios

Christianx Greedy

Can be seen telling someone "I love money" over Twitter several times a week and will do practically anything for it, making him one of the most dangerous individuals in the industry. Acts that he has and will do for the right price include pimping, escorting (if the money is right), gay sex, transsexual sex, strap-on sex (as bottom), sex with midgets and granny's, infantilism.

Christianx Career Begins To Wind Down

After burning many bridges in porn, Wians has been reduced to shooting "Content trade" with transsexuals and "plumpers" and for his girlfiend's fetish site. In many cases, he is taking it up the ass with straps ons or tranny cock and getting creampied. The only paid scenes he is involved in these days are shot illegally in Asia with possibly underage partners. During his trips to Asia, he tones down his activity on Twitter so as not to tip off authorities. As of this wiki edit (2015), Wians is officially at rock bottom and continues this lifestyle despite vowing to retire from porn 2 years ago.

Christianx Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie was Christian's beard for a time until she got sick of him, his jealousy, bullying, demands and harassment and moved out. He verbally and physically harassed her for some time after she dropped him, including sharing personal details of their relationship on public porn forums.

Christianx explained in his blog that he drinks this several times per day to help his weak pop shot.

Christianx Weak Pop Shots

Described the cocktail of supplements he needed to take to increase his pop shot after shooting blanks on set: "I did a scene for Digital Playground with Harmony Rose and my pop shot was about the size of a dime. I knew then that I needed to do something drastic. After mixing and matching, here is what I now take every day and night. Muscle Milk Banana Creme - large size, zinc, tribulus, calcium, a multi-vitamin, and saw palmetto. I actually don't take the calcium at night, because I heard too much calcium is not good for you. This formula basically regenerates your sperm count in a few hours. My pop shots are really thick and white now and so I don't spray or shoot much, but the volume is definitely there. It has been a lifesaver."

Christian has seen Lady Gaga in concert several times
Christian admitted to singing this for days after leaving the theater
Christianx was there to recruit underage girls

Christianx Feminine/Immature Taste

Has very feminine/immature taste when it comes to music and film.

Christianx Music

Christian has admitted to being a huge Lady Gaga fan, has seen her live and has mentioned seeing Erasure in concert 3 times. Erasure's front man is gay and HIV+. Also went to a Miley Cyrus concert at Staples Center with girlfriend Lexi Sindel. Talked about it for days after on Twitter and tweeted a picture of himself at the gym in a Miley Cyrus shirt, bought at Staples Center. It is believed that he was at the concert to recruit underage talent.

Christianx Films

Saw the kids film The Lego Movie with his girlfriend and tweeted about it for days.

Christianx Hypocrite

Christian has criticized PWL for releasing porn names, yet he did the same thing. Performer Neesa spoke up at CAL-OSHA meeting (June 2010) to criticize AIM and Max Hardcore. Christian then made a point of retrieving her real name from the sign in sheet and posting it on the site 'Luke is Back'.


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