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Donny Long

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Donny Long is a pornographic god and hero, porn director, porn production company owner, porn studio owner, porn webmaster, super porn star extraordinaire and porn star retiree. Donny is considered a hero for standing up to the faggots and crossovers that have ruined straight porn and kill wood of straight porn fans everywhere. Donny Long from Donny Long Studios is the first straight man willing to stand up the Gay Mafia that has destroyed porn other. He is retired in the porn business in California after selling his massive studio to porn.com but he still is seen as a porn god and still tells the truth about the untested gay crossovers like Cameron Reid destroying straight porn as we know it. One of the reasons Donny retired is he didnt want to get AIDS like Darren James did from a female that got it from a homosexual. He also owns and runs the biggest adult industry insider website XXX Film Jobs. Find out more about this persons life before porn by looking at the porn stars real name page Donald C S-----

Donny Long
Donny Long .jpg
Donny Long in one of his many high end shoots
Born 15 February 1980 (1980-02-15) (age 38)
Miami, Florida
Alias(es) God Long, King Long,
Height 6'
Weight 176
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Ethnicity White
No. of adult films 271


Donny Long in My Big Fake Wedding by Vivid

Donny Long fucks porn whore milf for Bang Bros
Donny Longs Lincoln navigator photo
Donny Longs Warning photo

Donny Long Pornography career

Donny was in over 1000 scenes and a shocking 500 scenes in his first 2 years in the business even though DVD sales show much lower, 261 Titles, because most of his work was on website shoots like bangbros, brazzers, milfseeker.com and bangbus.com and other mutimillion dollar companies. This is more scenes that any male has done in 2 years than any male in the history of porn. He was performing every day and sometimes 3 scenes a day and became pretty famous fast. After 2 years of his great success, Long opened a production company Donny long Productions and then a studio Donny Long Studios this was for his own shoots which he owned for about 2 years. The reason for the production company was cause Donny got tired of getting paid to fuck whores that had just fucked homosexual closet fags. Donny didnt want to be risking his life sticking his cock in some whores pussy that just got fucked in the ass by some homosexual gay escort working in straight porn that could have given them both HIV. After opening the production company and taking the shooting gigs of many other the directors that use to hire him by going over there heads right to the companies they worked, Donny started producing 5 to 10 scenes a day hiring a whole crew to work in his studio. Donny could now pick and choose which brand new clean girl he wanted to work for. Donny also warned all the girls not to work with homosexuals cause of the high HIV risk and even went as far as putting up a poster in his studio to have them sign. See image to the right of a poster with tons of famous porn stars signing it with a picture of closet homosexual Christianx getting fucked in his ass by a untested gay with no condom.

Legendary Trannyfucker Warning Poster that once hung in the offices of Donny Long Productions
He performed in around another 500 scenes after opening the studio and also produced another 500 before selling his studio to porn.com. Before he sold it he was known as a porn god that was shooting 5 to 10 scenes a day for all the top porn companies including Brazzers Playboy and many many more.

Donny Long cums all over Brooklyn Night

Donny would brag about how he could fuck whoever he wanted whenever he wanted on or off camera because of his power and not only his huge size of being 6'1 and having a 12 inch massive cock. What he meant by this is how he could FUCK, FUCK up, FUCK OVER, FUCK WITH ANYONE ON OR OFF CAMERA CAUSE HE WAS A GOD!

He sold his studio to move to Florida and retire to run his websites to follow his dream of making money off the internet while he sleeps.

Donny Long Fun Times With Chasey Lain

Part I - Donny Long kicking drug addict Chasey Lain out of his studio after she showed up on set unwilling to work

Part II - Donny Long kicking drug addict Chasey Lain out of his studio after she showed up on set unwilling to work

Donny Long possessed the courage to tell porn legend and meth head hooker Chasey Lain to leave his set after taking five hours to get ready tweeting out of her mind and then still fighting about stills even though the tweeker was getting $2500. The videos of Mr. Long's encounter with Ms. Lane are posted on YouTube and are considered legendary.

Donny Long punks Christainx

After Donny Long got in sissy Christianx face at a porn party and made him cry cause he is to gay to fight Crissy decided to bring 5 friends to fight Donny including Derrick Pierce. Donny was working that day for Rodney Moore at the Remmit Studios owned by porn star Sascha. When Donny overheard that there were 5 faggots outside wanting to hump him he quickly grabbed a large pipe from the back of the studio and went to run outside when both Rodney and Sascha told him if he did he would never work for them again and talked him into not doing it saying it wasnt worth it. After this the fags ran off when they heard Donny was going to come out with a pipe and kill them.

After that the fags went online claiming Donny wouldn't come outside and was scared so then Donny publicly challenged sissy faggot Crissy to a fight behind Donny Long Studios that Sunday while Brandon Iron was renting the studio shooting a bukkake where there would be plenty of cameras and witnesses and the back roller door would be wide open the whole time. Donny and everyone waited all day and even called Crissy several times while spamming the XTP fags asking where Crissy was only for him not to show up. Here is the article taken right from adultfyi on 5/10/2008

"Donny Long: Christian Won't Fight Me Man to Man; Donny Wants Bare Knuckles This Sunday

--reader speak

Donny Long writes: Hello gene, I am sick and tired of hearing how faggot tranny fuckerxxx wants to fight me and is going to kick my ass.

You know as well as I do I don’t play that shit and just like when dick tranny tried that shit I beat his ass at a porn party! Christianx is a faggot pussy that won’t fight me alone and all my friends know it.

That’s why he cowered at a party when I got in his face and then brought 5 dudes to fight me with him. I want to post this so I have proof of it!

After his sissy ass wouldn’t fight me and brought 5 of his friends to fight me instead and then writes a article that I won’t fight him I find it funny. Here is the end of it!

This Sunday outside the BACK of my studio bring cameras and I and he 1 on 1 will bare fist fight it out! My skinny ass beating this faggot to a bloody pulp if he has the balls to set to the plate! Bring it! I will have plenty of people here to make sure here doesn’t have his faggot friend’s stand up for him not having the balls to fight this time. End of story done. Let’s see how big the tranny fucker’s balls are?Thanks,

Donny Long"

Donny Long vs Eddie Dzial

In 2016, failed porn performer Eddie Dzial started a war with Donny Long because Eddie couldn't get his Porn Wiki Leaks wiki removed. Donny has told people that he does not own the site and can do nothing about their wikis, but Eddie wasn't taking no for an answer and started a war that he will without question lose. Since deciding to wage war with Donny, Eddie's wiki has seen numerous updates, has seen a spike in traffic and Eddie even has his own forum now, edwardbernardprzydzial.com.

Donny Long Life After Porn

Donny Long sold his studio in a lucrative deal with a large porn production company and parachuted out of porn a very rich man: "For those of you that dont know, I sold my studio and moved to the beautiful Florida keys. I am staying on a island on my awesome 43 foot house boat and I just bought a bunch of boats for shooting. he has been spotted traveling all over the world including Thailand, Spain, Costa Rica, Columbia, Japan, Bahamas and many more places while living up most peoples dreams.


Donny Long Straight Male Cam God

After retiring from porn, traveling and partying, Donny Long started a successful web cam venture that sees him performing with up to four women at once and drawing as many as 10,000 viewers at one time, enough to fill a medium sized theater or arena. He also runs his own web cam site where you can watch performers from all over the world, xxxcamjobs.com.

Donny Long Forum Activity/Twitter

Donny has been repeatedly attacked online by the crossovers and gay pimps like Mark Spiegler including and not limited to posting false rumors about him everywhere and the latest scam was to say he was the owner of Porn Wiki Leaks which he is not. Mr. Long gets undeserved flak for speaking out against dangerous crossoves closet homosexual men that work in untested gay porn and jump the fence into straight porn risking straight peoples lives.

This is probably because the industry has become overrun with scum like Christianx, who has brainwashed female performers into supporting him and lured closet homosexual performers such as Derrick Pierce and Rocco Reed into the seedy gay and TS side of porn. These people attack Mr. Long because they feel he hurts their income and they wish they didnt have to be gay to make money. What he is really doing is trying to protect the health of straight and narrow performers. Also, there is jealousy over Mr. Long being able to retire rich and disease free while many of these performers sold their souls to porn and will never get out alive.

Mr. Long maintains several Twitter accounts which he uses to set fire to the asses of homosexuals like Christian and Sean Tompkins and pimp scumbag Mark Spiegler as well as several useless Fan bois that have never stepped foot onto a porn set. Because Twitter is based in America, a country with a massive gay agenda, Mr. Long is often unfairly banned for his truthful comments, while the homosexuals accounts go untouched. Even trannyfucker Christianx never gets banned for his massive spamming routine, which he performs daily.

Donny Long Cult following on internet forums

The phrase "Donny Long is a god" is often used on porn related forums and blogs. This is due to the fact that Mr. Long had the career in porn that every performer aspires to have, but seldom reaches. Mr. Long got paid to fuck beautiful women as a performer, moved on to being a studio and production company owner and finally, sold his studio for a lot of money and retired at 30 a very wealthy and disease free man.


Donnyisms are Donny Long's signature sayings and one liners.

Donny Long They say he is behind Porn Wiki Leaks

Crossover scumbag Christianx claims that Porn Wiki Leaks is synonymous with Donny Long but there is no proof of this. Mark Spiegler started rumors about Donny being behind the site and these rumors took off with performers who are angry at Donny for a) being able to sell his company and get out of porn while they are stuck in their whore lifestyle forever. b) Standing up against gays in straight scenes and having the balls to continue doing so. They are also angry at the good work Porn Wiki Leaks is doing by exposing scumbag Crossovers. Donny is a friend of the site but is not behind it.

Donny Long Ganged Up on By Fags

In 2008, Christianx blogged about how he and his off camera gay lover Derrick Pierce showed up on set while Donny Long was working, to harass him about a funny poster that was hanging in the offices of Donny Long Productions. The poster, which is now legendary, highlighted Christian's gay work and was signed by many respected members of the porn community including respected straight star Lee Stone. In addition to being unprofessional - to show up and bother a man while he is working - it was gutless for these two roid heads to show up together for an unfair two on one match. This shows that Christianx is nothing more than a hopeless meathead who uses his size (And friends) to intimidate, but his lack of combat skills and glass chin prevent him from ever doing anything. He knows this from his door man days and he knew if he showed up with Derrick Pierce it would be an unfair fight and that he could try to save face without having to fight. We suspect Christianx has had his chin checked before by someone trained in boxing or martial arts like Donny Long and wants no part of that feeling again.

Donny after this publicly challenged Chrissy to a one on one fight behind Donny Long Studios on a Sunday after noon in front of the whole industry while a bukkake shoot was going on by Brandon Iron inside with over 100 performers and sissy fag boy Christianx never showed up.

Donny's Revenge

Vice, Hollywood, CA
Shortly after this incident occured, Donny Long cornered Christianx at the Vice Nightclub in Hollywood. Christianx was without his friend Derrick Pierce and witnesses Shy Love Veronica Rain Jack Vegas and many more saw this and this time Christrainx wanted no part of the beating Mr. Long was capable of putting on him. Christianx cowered behind a female porn star until he could be escorted out the buildings back door. This is known as the infamous Vice Nightclub Incident and when asked about it, Christianx always changes the subject or denies ever being at the porn party.

Donny Long Awards

Donny Long Message Board

Donny Long Talk Advanced Search

Donny Long Porn Videos

Search Donny Long Porn Videos

Donny Long Biography

Pulled from Donny's blog, donnylong.com:

Donny Long Entrepreneur

At 19 I opened a Don's Mobile Marine which was the biggest mobile boat repair business in all of the upper keys. I basically worked my own hours fixing and servicing boat engines. I made really good money, anywhere from $50 to $150 an hour. My dream was to open a boat dealership and at age 25, I had saved enough money to rent a building on US1, the main road going through the keys. I opened Affordable Marine Inc. and opened a consignment/repair shop to get started selling and fixing boats. I hired people for detailing, cleaning boats and offered many services. Things grew fast and in less than a year I had over 35 boats on my lot. I had my best friend in the world, Manny, that also helped invest at this point as well.

Hurricanes Hit The Keys, Donny Long Businesses Forced To Close

Then four hurricanes, within like 2 to 3 months, brushed the Florida Keys. See here:

There was no damage but the news teams insisted on making it seem like the Keys were destroyed. Everyone that lives on the island makes most of their money off the tourist. Within like 6 months after this, many companies were forced to close, including mine due to the lack of tourists and business. So I had around 15 boats I owned including the yacht I lived on that I needed to do something. I was forced to go work as a salesman for the biggest Proline boat dealership in the world, which happened to be in Key Largo. I was able to store and sell a lot of the boats off their lot.

Donny Long Interest In Porn

In my free time at work, I would surf a lot of porn. I was a big fan of Bangbros and a lot of the bigger porn websites. I started to see that porn looked liked it could be a big business. I wanted to get in bad and started to email several companies. I got an email from the owner of the production company of Bangbros and he wanted to meet me.

I met him one morning for coffee and a bagel in Cutler Ridge, which is half way between the keys and Miami Beach, where their offices were. He told me that 1 in 500 guys cold do this and that the chances were slim I would be able to perform for the camera because holding wood and popping on command is just not as easy as it seems when you're in front of camera people. He wanted me to come in for a test shoot. Basically a shoot with a girl that would not be published and I would not be paid and the girl would only get like $250.

Donny Long Big Break

So I went down to their offices and got my big chance. The girl was 2 hours late and she was a fat black hag with saggy titties and bad breath. She was half black and half Mexican. She came with her ride, this ghetto black hooker. I was doomed and I didn't know whether to leave or do it. So the famous bus driver named Ugly from the Bangbus walks in and the owner says for him to film it. Now I am really nervous. Well I did the shoot and was able to get wood and fuck the girl and pop twice. After that I did about 35 scenes in Florida for all the companies including Score group, Azure, Zmaster and a couple others.

Hurricanes Hit Again And Donny Long Moves To L.A.

Then another hurricane hit. This time it hit Miami Beach where I had moved to and hit hard. There was no power within like 400 miles and after a couple days of this and with the news saying there would be no power for a month or more, I decided to hop on a plane to L.A. I had never been to L.A. and only knew a couple girls that I had worked with in Miami that lived in L.A. I had 2 flat tires on my truck and no gas, all because of the storm. There was not a gas station for 400 miles open. I got in a cab to West Palm Beach and paid a $150 dollar cab ride to sit on a stand by flight. I sat at the airport all day and the third and last plane out I got the last seat.

Donny Long Arrives In L.A.

I got to LA and was having a porn star named Randi Wright picking me up at the airport. I get off the plane and walk towards the outside doors and almost get trampled by 50 to 100 cops running after some black guy through the airport. They lost the guy and never caught him. I am thinking great, where did this plane take me? Anyways, I spent 3 weeks trying to get work out here and then things blew up for me. I was working 2 and 3 times a day and couldn't leave to go back. I Fedex the keys to my navigator to a friend of mine that was a Pizza Hut driver in Miami Beach and paid over $1000 dollars to get him to empty my apartment and drive the truck to L.A. I then flew him back to Miami Beach. In a short time got my own place and did over 500 scenes in 2 years here.

Donny Long Productions Is Born

I started to learn the business very well and was learning that the company owners were the ones who make the real money. I bought a video camera and still camera and started to shoot some of my own stuff with the girls. I then opened a productions company. . After 1 month I rented a studio from a friend because location costs were killing me. I then opened Donny Long Studios. I have shot now in less than 6 months in business, hundreds of scenes for a lot of the big companies. Now I sit in my office and do a lot of the business stuff. Phone calls, paper work, emailing, messenger and so on. I hold a camera when I can but have a very good friend from Florida of 7 years here helping me that I have trained. I pretty much fuck the girls I want to fuck when I feel like fucking. I am living a teenager's wet dream. I sometimes forget how good I have it compared to a lot of peoples normal life and take things for granted. I work round the clock and I can say if anyone is a workaholic. it's me. My goal is to have my company built so someone can run it here in L.A. and I can travel back to the Keys to film and have another yacht there. I want to have my own reality websites to update weekly. I am far from getting this because of filming for everyone else's stuff at the moment but I hope to get there one day.


Donny Long Resume

Donny has a resume on his production site that kept track of the first 419 scenes out of over thousand he did in his career.

1. Boobexamscam .com Model - Kayla kupcakes 2. Boobexsamscam.com Model - shasa 3. Bangbus.com Model - Alanis 4. Boobexsamscam.com Model - Daisy Duxxx 5. Latinacaliente.com Model - Lucci 6. Mrcameltoe.com Model - Ginger Lee 7. Milflessons.com Model - Ginger / red head 8. Pimpmywife.com Model - Kaylee 9. Ballhoneys.com Model - Kaiya Lynn and Nyomi Zen 10. B/G site bangbros Model - baily 11. Tugjobs.com Model - Lana Laine 12. B/G site Bangbros.com Model - Alica 13. Boobexsamscam.com Model - Kayla kupcakes 14. Cutecouples.com model - Dasani 15. Milflessons.com Model - Gina 16. Assparade.com Model - Gina Assparade - Isabella Assparade 17. B/G site Bangbros.com Model - Misty 18. B/J site Bangbros.com Model - Gianna 19. Score Group Model - Penny Porsche 20. mrcameltoe.com Model - Naomi Russell 21. Milflessons.com Model - Jolie Sky 22. Milflessons.com Model - Kayla Cupcakes 23. new fitness site Model - Lori Lust 10/3/05 24. Mrcameltoe.com Model - Jamie Elle 10/4/05 25. milflessons.com Model - Jacqueline rose 10/5/05 26. bangbus.com Model - Gia 10/6/05 27. Mrcameltoe.com Model - Randi Wright 10/7/05 28. new B/J site Model - Randi Wright 10/8/05 29. milflessons.com Model - Tabatha Tucker 10/11/05 30. Volupt. Model - 10/12/05 31. her B/J site Model - Alyssa Belle 10/13/05 32. tugjobs.com Model - Amber Bangbrosnetwork 10/19/05 33. new B/J site Model - Amber Bangbrosnetwork 10/19/05 34. B/J site Model Bailey bliss 35. Yellow Fever DVD Model - Celia Yellow 10/23/05 36. Multimedia pictures DVD cockaholic Model - Sasha Knox 11/8/05 37. Milfseekers.com Model - 11/16/05 38. Brooke Hunter juicy video DVD 11/15/05 39. Juicy video DVD Model - Breezy 11/11/05 40.Clubcytherea.com Model - Cytherea and Jada Fire 11/8/05 41.Multimedia pictures DVD Ultra Hard Model - Sierra Sinn 11/15/05 42. Multimedia pictures DVD cockaholic Model - Sierra Sinn 11/16/05 43. backseatbangers.com Model - Monica Breeze 11/17/05 44. Lonely guy productions DVD Model - Kelsey Michaels 11/17/05 45. Collagewildparties.com Model - Breezy and Kimberly Price 11/20/05 46. Clubcytherea.com Model - Cytherea 11/16/05

47. Bubblebuttbonanza.com Model - Zoe matthews 11/20/05 48. Peternorth.com Model - Maya Hills 11/21/05 49. Milfseekers.com Model - Delila 11/21/05 50. Multi Media pictures DVD Little Fuckers Model - Amber Wild 11/22/05 51. Milfseekers.com Model - Angela 11/23/0 52. Herfirstanal.com Model - Aaliyah Jolie 11/23/05 53. Bubblebuttbonanza.com Model - Sophia Castillo 11/24/05 54. Bubblebuttbonanza.com Model - Marquetta Jewel 11/25/05 55. Multi Media Pictures DVD Mexican movie Model - Luscious Lopez 11/28/05 56. Herfirstanal.com Model - Vanessa Blue 11/30/05 57. Bubblebuttbonanza.com Models - Joey 11/30/05 58. Suz - Holly Randal DVD Model - Lori Alexia 12/1/05

59. Jonas Hush Hush 12/1/06 60. Collagewildparties.com Model - Roxy Deville 12/03/05 61. Red light Distinct young tight Latinas Model - Estella Leon 12/05/05 62. K-sex radio model - Annie Cruz 12/05/05 63. Evil Angel DVD Model - Jenna Haze 12/04/05 64. Evil Angel Jonnie Darko boob bangers DVD boob bangers Model - Velicity Von 12/6/05 65. Bubblebuttbonanza.com Model - Hayley Jayde 12/7/05 66. AMA DVD content Model - Kat 12/7/05 67. donnylong.com Model - Anne Cruz 12/7/05 68. milfseekers.com Model - Kayla 12/8/05 69. cuckolds Model - Shasta 12/8/05 70. Nauticathorn.com DVD Model - Nautica Thorn 12/09/05 71. Jonnie Darko Evil Angel Model - Delilah Trong 12/12/05 72. Jim Powers J M Productions DVD teachers pet Model - Jamie L 12/14/05 73. milfseekers.com Phylisha Anne 12/14/05 74. herfirstanal.com Model Carmella Being 12/15/05 75. Shanes World DVD Model Aren Morrie 12/16/05 76. Red light Distract DVD Model Hillary Scott 12/17/05 77. Red light District David lager 12/20/06 78. 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Donny is an American Airlines AAirpass card holder. As such, he can be in any city in the world at the snap of his fingers. Donny might be in Miami today, Los Angeles tomorrow, Tokyo the next day and any number of places the next day. He is truly a world traveling god. For this reason, pimp Mark Spiegler can never track him down and never knows what part of the world porn god Long is partying in today. Spiegler stalks King Long because Long has hurt the gay child rapists reputation. Good luck finding him, Fagler, without matching Donny's AAirpass card.

Catch him if you can, Fagler. Donny is a globetrotting god.

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  1. Donny Long sold his studio
  2. Donny Long\'s about me

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