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Ike Sanders

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Ike Sanders
Ike Sanders .jpg
Portrait of a St. Louis tough guy gone gay
Born Isaac Ray Sandlin
0 December 1979 (1979-00-00) (age 39)
Saint Louis, MO
Height 6'2"
Weight Fat
Ethnicity Black

Ike Sanders born Real Name Isaac Ray Sandlin is a Pimp, Wannabe, Poseur, Liar, Fraud and Troll. Find out more about this persons life before porn by looking at the porn stars real name page Isaac Ray Sandlin Born Date Of Birth: Contact email: Twitter: Facebook: ADT profile: Myspace: Yahoo Messenger: playas5fent AOL: yelaboiike Gmail: [email protected] BlackPlanet: Yelaboi_Ike xpeeps:


Ike Sanders made death threats on twitter on 4/26/2011
Ike Sanders made death threats on twitter on 4/26/2011

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Family and Friends



From his twitter Encino, California XXX Adult Video Director / Producer / Editor / Cameraman


Ike keeps a girlfriend on hand so his boys don't find out he's gay. Alia Starr acts as his Beard. He is a self hating black that pimps her to white men only.
This manly faced whore is Ike Sanders beard.

Abuser of women

Makes his beard sleep on the floor with his dogs -

yes u do but tonite u sleep on the floor wit the dogs or the sofa. Good night 5:25 AM Mar 22nd via Echofon in reply to AliaStarrXXX

Threatens his beard with violence on Twitter -

and imma kick u in the back of ur ass 1:16 AM Dec 10th, 2010 via Echofon in reply to AliaStarrXXX

Wants his eggs, bacon, waffles and kool aid or else -

lmao look at u. Now u gotta come over n help cook me breakfast in the nude both of you's 2:09 PM Oct 13th, 2010 via Echofon in reply to Mika_Tan

get yo ass up dammit and get it poppin. Imma strike Yo ass if u don't get up m cook my mf food. 2:06 PM Oct 13th, 2010 via Echofon in reply to AliaStarrXXX


is about to become missing 2:12 PM Oct 13th, 2010 via Echofon in reply to AliaStarrXXX

Supporter of lazy, homeless bums

Raise $ for Haiti n Japan but the homeless man around the corner gets passed on by. I swear this country ain't shit. Wednesday, March 16, 2011 1:04:12 AM via Echofon

Ike compares poor U.S. bums who don't like to work to victims of natural disasters like the people of Haiti and Japan. As you can see, Ike isn't the brightest guy out there.

Pimp career

Owned on porn forums

Cornell Lingus wrote:

Ike Sanders: Wannabe. Poseur. Liar. Fraud. Troll. All of those labels fit you fine. Pimp, maybe, there there is still no proof you have any connection with this girl, or any girls for that matter. Maybe "director" is the new street term for pimp. Movie Director? No, bullshitting time is over. You don't even have a home page for your Internet business, just a MySpace page where you say you are a director. Maybe I should set up a MySpace page where I claim I'm a director so I can be in porn too. There isn't anybody or anything that says you are a director but you, Sanders.IGNORED have a good week.

Pimps Alia Starr to white performers ONLY

Hustlin is for the street niggas not business professionals and that is part of the problem right there. Now I assume you heard or got word that my lady was not going to do black males which is very true ... however I made the decision to not shut the door on the entire black side of the business but shut the door in regards to the black males she works with. If I do not think you are a clean cut brother, or someone who respects the women, you arent well groomed, or shoot hood themes ... she will not work with you.

This is how the black porn community sees Ike Sanders
Ike's stolen truck
Ike's house and stolen Escalade - Ike was evicted from this home in 2007.
Ike sleeps on the job

Uncle Tom

The black porn community considers Ike to be an "Uncle Tom" because he only lets his girl fuck white men. Behind his back they call him both "Uncle Ike" and "Colonel Sanders".

Scouts hookers on social networking sites

Ike has been known to look for hookers to pimp out on BlackPlanet and possibly other social networking sites. From BlackPlanet -

Hello Ladies, I really do not have much to say here at all because In my opinion that would defeat the purpose of starting a conversation if you already knew everything you needed to know about me before initiating contact. So with that being said, if you like what you see and are interested in getting to know me a little better, Feel free to send me a message and I will be sure to respond at my earliest convenience.

If you do not feel like waiting on my response to your message sent to me on here, then feel free to message me on one of the messengers below.

I dont really use the AIM messenger as much so thats pretty much a hit and miss deal there but Im on yahoo daily so if you have yahoo, its best to reach me there.

Kicked off dating site for scouting hookers

Ike was let go by afroromance.com for trying to scout hookers off the site.

Supports Crossovers

Pimped his girl to homosexual, tranny fucker and Crossover Christianx and loved every minute of it.

nice finally meeting u although we didn't take a seat. 2:12 PM Mar 12th via Echofon

Why doesn't Ike just get down on his knees and suck Christianx's dick himself since he will be enjoying Christianx's HIV goodness every time he decides to fuck Alia Starr from here on out? Go ahead Ike, you know you want it.

He also let Alia Starr fuck Crossover Mikey Budters. Hey Ike, why not just go fuck these fags yourself since you're putting your dick in the same place where guys who fucked trannies and fags put theirs?


Is either too fucking stupid to know that Christianx is a Crossover or too fucking scared to square up with that big bald bitch and tell him what he said below. Either way, he pimped his bitch out to that faggot and now has to live with it.

I'm not talkin about ending their shit I'm talkin about ending them shooting with us on our sets. No more gays on straight sets. 9:22 PM Oct 12th, 2010 via Echofon in reply to Nevaquit

Expose the gay performers Playin straight in this industry this shit needs to stop. I have always had an issue with that shit. 9:01 PM Oct 12th, 2010 via Echofon

I hope now this fuckin industry will separate the gay and straight industries as they should be. No more gay in straight shit, shits bad. 8:59 PM Oct 12th, 2010 via Echofon

Sex den in Encino

Ike cannot afford a place of his own so he is renting out most of the rooms in his Encino sex den just to try to keep from being evicted.

yea I been back I have a 5/4 house in encino w/pool. Kno anyone who needs a room? How have u been what's new? 4:21 PM Feb 16th via Echofon in reply to JORDINSKYEXXX

Hey do u kno any xxx chicks looking for a place to stay. I have 3 bedrooms available in my house. Gotta b xxx rated chicks. 3:02 PM Jan 29th via Echofon in reply to Mika_Tan

Gambling Problem

Ike has a severe gambling addiction. He prefers poker.


Isaac Sandlin was arrested on March 28, 2011 in San bernardino County on suspicion of unknown.

Forum Activity/Twitter

Ike is unpopular on Twitter and has just 459 followers to 1,145 users that he is following.

Ike spent hours tweeting porn stars on Twitter trying to have us shut down but just gave us a bunch of traffic and ended up with him having a nice wiki. Thanks.

Death Threats

Below is a list of of death threats that Ike has made on Twitter. Since he is threatening to assault people, the record should be noted -

its how u say ... They picked the wrong nigga to fuck wit. about 3 hours ago via Echofon in reply to TheBeaver2

agreed but I'm a different kind of guy. Never been a gang member but have the temper and ways they possess I will handle this. about 3 hours ago via Echofon in reply to TheBeaver2

oh yes I'm going after the bitch. I'm close to finding out who he is. Once I do the law won't help him. about 4 hours ago via Echofon in reply to TheBeaver2

beautiful so when I find u then wrap my hands around ur throat and choke the fuck out of u u will deserve ur death. about 4 hours ago via Echofon in reply to whitepiar.ru2

Empty Threats

Ike is the new Monica Foster in that he tries to talk tough but nothing is happening. Monica Foster told members of Porn Wiki Leaks that their "lives were over" several months ago, to no avail. Ike is sitting behind his computer thumping his chest and making threats but nothing will come of it. Ike's St. Louis boys would be very disappointed that ol' Ike has become a little e-thug bitch who is not capable of doing any damage to anyone. Ike has gone soft. Could it be all the cock he has sucked since he went Hollywood?

Whiny Baby

Despite being a no one in the industry, Ike releases long posts on Twitter that start something like this -


Ike then rants and raves about someone in the industry that has offended him and encourages everyone in the biz to stay away from that person. Ike basically thinks he is god and that everyone should listen to him despite the fact that he is an absolute no one in the biz, scumbag pimp. Example of his temper tantrums:

ass on blast now letting everyone in this industry know not to do your lame ass show n how you truly feel about them. Punk that 4:35 AM Feb 7th via web in reply to Tjsotomayor

U wanna get pissed cause MF not responding to your lame ass. Whack ass fag. Your show aint shit n neither are u. Imma put your 4:34 AM Feb 7th via web in reply to Tjsotomayor

look punk bitch one more crap ass word out of you and I will shut your shit down No one in this business will do your lame show 4:33 AM Feb 7th via web in reply to Tjsotomayor

Thinks he's mature

Acts like an immature jackass and then trashes others for not being mature:

Sorry bitches but all the real good men want a real classy bitch not trashy. Fuckin disgusts me reading some of these hoes tweets. Monday, February 07, 2011 12:08:29 AM via Echofon

U treat urself like trash n talk trash, trash is what u end up with n have the nerve to say there r no good men out there. Monday, February 07, 2011 12:07:10 AM via Echofon

WTF happen to class n maturity self respect Silly bitches r the worst I can't stand a nasty trifling hoe U will never get a real man ever 1:05 AM Feb 7th via Echofon

Nasty hoes on here talkin bout shitting n farting n takin dick here n there all u hoes r stupid for talkin like that. U deserve norespect. 1:02 AM Feb 7th via Echofon

Some bitches that tweet on here r just some nasty hoes. They put all their shit in the streets n have the nerve to want respect. Nasty hoes. 12:59 AM Feb 7th via Echofon

Sides with freak Kelly Shore

Ike shows his gay side by kissing ass of freak and Porn Wiki Leaks victim Kelly Shore who came to Porn Wiki Leaks, mouthed off and then ran away with his tail between his balls.

If u know other industry members have them follow me so I can update every1 but I think I have drawn them out they fucked up about 1 hour ago via web in reply to MissKellyShore

Ike punks out

On Sunday, Apri 17, 2011, Ike Sanders protected his Twitter because he could not hack the abuse he was taking on this wiki. Also, his Twitter was exposing what a lying, cheating, woman beating, Crossover supporting, death threat making, scumbag pimp he was and he needed to hide these facts.
Ike punks

Enjoying his wiki

Ike wants us here at Porn Wiki Leaks to think he is enjoying this embarrassing run down of the ruins his life has become -

hey that page is looking pretty damn good keep it up jokes and problems all on you ... you will see ... see you soon bitch 6 minutes ago via web in reply to whitepiar.ru2

However, Ike is hating life right now. Ike is being exposed for the suitcase pimp, scumbag, woman abuser and overall dumb shit that he is on this page and he thinks we haven't been threatened before. C'mon Ike, do something new.

Big Mouth Tough Guy

Took a shot at professional fighter Micky Ward on Twitter -

I doubt it. Micky Ward isn't really a top tier fighter. Who cares bout Micky Ward really. 9:36 PM Dec 25th, 2010 via Echofon in reply to sophiedee

Who cares about Ike Sanders and his threats? Maybe one day if this pussy ever gets into a boxing ring and takes a hit, he can make these kinds of statements about professional athletes. More importantly, if he ever does that, maybe someone will start to give a shit about this glass chinned pimp's threats. We believe one shot to the chin and this big mouth's threatening days would be over.

Duped By Mark Spiegler

Ike Sanders was dumb enough to believe that the Cameron Reed posting on Porn Wiki Leaks in December, 2010 was the real patient zero. It was really no lifer Mark Spiegler playing games. Again, no one will ever accuse ol' Ike of being smart.

Yall know what this fucking faggot Cameron Reed is a fucking lying ass whore ... here is all his fucking threads (cont) 4:51 PM Dec 9th, 2010 via TwitLonger Beta



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