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Mariah Milano

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Mariah Milano
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Mariah Milano stuffs food into her aging, bloated, acne scarred face
Born Jeanette Benardello
31 December 1979 (1979-12-31) (age 38)
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Alias(es) Mariah Kane, Mariah Wind
Height Short
Weight Fat fuck
Measurements 34DD-22-34
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Ethnicity Wop
at IMDb

Mariah Milano is a boastful pornographic actress, Hooker, Type II Diabetic and Madam.

Mariah Milano better known as Mariah Whorelano or Methwhore Jeanette Benardello (born on December 31, 1979) is from Brooklyn, New York, USA and currently lives in drug infested Holiday, Florida at 1550 Springdale Drive. Find out more about this persons life before porn by looking at the porn stars real name page Jeanette Benardello.

Bernadello's sex den in seedy, gang and drug infested Holiday, FL

Contact email: [email protected]


Mariah Milano Family and Friends

John A Benardello, homosexual brother. Facebook page:

Porn Videos

Mariah Milano Porn Videos

Message Board and talk

Mariah Milano Talk


Mariah is a public relations genius. She posed as a used car salesman on internet forums and posted a made up anecdote about witnessing Mariah Milano purchase a van for a homeless family. Everyone who heard the story believes Mariah is a "hooker with a heart of gold", which is exactly what she wanted. Muah

Mariah Milano Lives In Prescription Drug Abuse Capital of Florida

Bernadello bought a 1 bathroom shitbox house in the seedy town of Holiday, Florida in 2006 for $125,000. The house is currently valued at $58,000 and the neighborhood continues to decline and is overrun with drugs, strip clubs, gangs, prostitution, sex offenders and crime.

Mariah Milano Pornography career

It all started when Jeanette Benardello ran into a girl at the nail salon that she knew from junior high. She told her she was on her way to shoot a porno movie and asked if Jeanette wanted to come check it out. Jeanette was so scared & excited at the same time. She had only been with 1 guy ever & she was soooo shy, but the thought of people watching turned her on in ways she had never felt before! So she went and was offered the chance to shoot the next movie and of course, being a good little whore, she agreed, but then had to wait 2 weeks until after her 18th birthday! When she saw the camera & everyone watching she was turned on more than she had ever been in her life! She went on to do 240 movies & 38 magazines from 1998 to 2000 & then took a break simply because people were sick of her. Since March 2007, in an effort to support her meth habit, Mariah Milano has shot over 200 videos and been in 19 magazines!

Mariah Milano Acne

Zoom, if you dare to see her pothole covered acne scarred face.

May 17, 2010

"I had started taking new medication that caused all of the stuff under the skin to come to the surface and it was horrible my skin was so dry and broken out I almost canceled. I have struggled with skin issues since I was 14. I spend more on dermatologists annually than most do on rent. I have finally gotten it under control lately thank God! but it’s been a burden my entire adult life and it sucks!"

May 18, 2010

"I inherited from my mom my brother has the same skin issues but for some reason my mom won’t admit she had bad skin when she was young lol

Last year I spent almost $20,000 on HGH and a hormone program. The HGH is the shit but the hormones were never balanced properly for my system. I was taking estrogen testosterone and progesterone creams along with daily HGH injections under a doctor program. My PMS almost went away entirely but my skin wasn’t any better and got a little worse. I was really aggressive and horny as fuck! lol I was generally in a better mood than usual and my body was tighter than it had ever been. That testosterone is no joke but I couldn’t get the balance and at $340 a week I called it quit after a year. I still do the HGH every day and will never stop that. I have never slept better or had more energy in my life. It’s the most expensive part of the program but also the most worth while. If you have an extra $275 a week I highly recommend it but once you start don’t stop or you wasted it. :)

But, I found out I have food allergies and if I even look at a french fry I start to break out. It fucking sucks! I am on an anti-biotic and topical cream that has been awesome and as of today no break outs since last month. I still get the PMS pimples around the mouth which I am told is hormonal and cannot be avoided.''"

Some speculate that her complexion is a result of meth lithium leaking out of her pores. Others contend that she scratches her face up to kill the meth bugs burrowing under her skin.

It's likely she has failed to consider the probability that her face periodically suffers from HERPES DERMATITIS outbreaks.

Mariah Milano Lack of respect for fans

Pops off at the very fans that made her infamous on several porn related message boards. Often talks down to the fans and treats them with lack of respect. Mostly due to the fact that she is making a lot of money in porn and thinks she is better than everyone. Will often try to get the upper hand in internet flame wars by bringing up the amount of money she spent on something.

Mariah Milano Nasty Meth Head/Street Whore/MLB Groupie

On February 12, 2011, it was reported on the Porn Wiki Leaks Forum that Mariah Milano had fucked a Chicago Cubs pitcher on a 2010 road trip. The poster that reported the incident was a personal friend of the Cubs player and retold the story:

"A friend of mine who pitches for the cubs fucked this whore last season on a road trip. He said she smoked meth out of a glass tube in front of him, insisted on unprotected sex but he used a condom and fucked her in the ass and 30 seconds in to it he smelled shit and looked down and his entire cock was covered in shit and his balls. He threw up, kicked her out of the hotel and showered for 3 hours straight after. This chick is a nasty meth head street whore of the worst kind. A total dumpster diving tweeker too."

When pressed to name the Cubs player, the poster said:

"his name is Ryan and he's from Canada."

After checking the Cubs roster it was revealed that the player was Ryan Dempster from Sechelt, British Columbia, CAN, married with kids. Is an MLB groupie/"Slump buster."
Ryan Dempster, Chicago Cubs pitcher and son

Mariah Milano Forum Activity/Twitter

Mariah Milano International Meldown/Bigot

On January 19, 2014, Maria Milano posted this about Elizabeth Hasslebeck on Twitter:

she is such a moron! you KNOW she's getting a Mandingo train run on her every weekend! You know how it works!— Mariah Milano () January 19, 2014

Zimmern agreed with the comment at first but then went into damage control mode and apologized when he realized what he did. The classless Mariah Milano kept digging herself deeper and proving that she is a bigot, which got her owned and shamed by International celebrities and ripped a new one on forums and blogs.

Mariah Milano Bragging/Insecure

Brags about her possessions on internet forums. On August 2, 2010, an article written by Mariah Milano was posted on the internet which saw her brag about how many airline miles she had earned while working as a traveling whore and the complimentary elite upgrades she was receiving. She then went on to brag about owning 2 houses, 2 boats and an investment portfolio. One blogger fired back and told Milano:

And those worldly possessions you brag about,,,in my life I have owned all of that and much more,much much more,,,many people have had as much and much more,,,,and we never had to stick anything up our asses to getit.

Even though she constantly brags about homes, businesses, boats, cars, etc, that she owns worldwide, she does not like when other whores do the same and she will call out any other whore who behaves like she does. She posted the following on YouTube while sitting on her couch and looking fat and bloated:

Whenever I checkout the social media pages of porn girls and models I get so nauseous from reading their blatant lies about their lives. They are in a different hotel room every night or on a plane going here n there but they neglect to mention its because they are HOOKERS turning tricks! They boast about their shopping and their shoes yet they live in an apartment and own nothing. They have fake asses yet claim that it's from doing squats in the gym. It drives me CRAZY as you can see from this video!

The worst part are the idiots who believe every word they say. Are men that pathetic that they disconnect their brains when it comes to women? Really? Even when there is absolutely ZERO chance you will ever meet them?

These bitches make me crazy so I'm on a crusade to call them out on their shit. Yep, I'm that bitch who's gonna speak up!

Now she knows how nauseous the rest of us get when we read how many things she owns, bought and paid for by sucking cock and taking it in the ass.

Insecure Jeanette Bernadello popping off

Mariah Milano Ties to Gay Mafia

Pimped by Gay Mafia leader Derek Hay of LA Direct Models. Fucked Christianx in a scene for Naughty America.

Mariah Milano Goes to war for C3X

On November 22, 2010 Mariah Milano put up a $5,000 reward for "any one of you to face Christianx and walk away from it the victor." "Christian" real name Christian Michael Wians, gay and transsexual and sometimes straight porn star who had fucked Mariah Milano for a scene 2 years earlier. It is unknown if anyone took the challenge, which would have been easy to win as Christian is simply a 6'5, 270 pound glass jawed meat head with zero fighting/combat training other than a few private lessons with his on again/off again gay lover, Derrick Pierce.

Mariah Milano Problems with Meth

In February 2010, Mariah Milano came out as a meth head.

February 16, 2010

An article was posted by Mariah Milano where she admitted to being a drug addict:

"I had a drug problem during the 7 years I took of from shooting movies. I own up to it and I don’t use meth any more and haven’t since 2003. It’s a vicious evil drug and I can honestly say it would have killed me if I wouldn’t have stopped using. I ran into a lot of porn people during my days as a tweaker and some are still active in the business and still tweakers which disgusts me that anyone would hire someone as tweaked out as these people are."

February 19, 2010

Mariah Milano posted about being a meth head on an internet forum:

"yes I had a drug problem back in 2002 and haven't touched it since. I had issues with meth and when I was using I ran across a LOT of porn people I knew who are no longer around because that drug ate them alive, literally."

Despite claiming to be clean, it has been reported that she was seen using while she hooked in 2010. Addicts are never cured fully and it is expected that the money she brags to be making left and right will be spent on meth at some point.

Mariah Milano Fat Fuck

As of 2014, Mariah Milano runs a YouTube cooking channel that shows that she is now obese since she "retired" from the porn industry. The YouTube channel shows her shoving shit in her mouth and making erotic moaning noises when the food enters her fat pie hole. The channel also shows videos of her boasting about her traveling and possessions, but also has videos of her complaining when other whores boast like she does.



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