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Mercedes Ashley

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Juanita M Torres turned into a whore and went by the name Mercedes Ashley. She got her pseudonym in 1986 when her first pimp gave her a Mercedes hood ornament on a fake gold chain. Juanita is primarily an agressive and greedy hooker. She's also a chicken-head pornographic whore, web traffic joke, scammer, spammer, stalker and detached pathological liar. Twitter: and

Mercedes Ashley
Support The Mercedes Ashley Make-A-Wish Foundation
Born Juanita Marie Torres
19 June 1970 (1970-06-19) (age 47)
Honolulu, HI
Height 5'3"
Weight 140
Measurements 34D-28-32
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Ethnicity Latin
at IMDb


Contact Info

Home Address: 4384 Torrey Pines Dr, Chino Hills, CA 91709 Phone: (877) 413-6085



Mercedes Ashley HIV Positive

Juanita M Torres announced that she was retiring from the business but failed to let everyone know she was HIV positive. Torres posted a series of videos on YouTube in June 2011 that saw her looking sickly and sounding hoarse, probably side effects of her HIV meds. In the videos, she denied her HIV+ status but could not produce a recent clean HIV test. Instead she held a year-old AIM test up to the camera, which suggested she had no recent HIV test and could indeed be wasting away with AIDS.

Juanita Torres' positive HIV test.

Torres continues to fuck her fans and book "privates" with johns. Unless you have a death wish you should avoid this AIDS-infested scumbag. She should be reported to authorities for attempted murder for fucking civilians without disclosing that she has HIV.

Juanite Torres diagnosed with HIV.

Mercedes Ashley Mercedes WHO?

Mercedes puts her two brains to good use.
Mercedes receiving HIV from untested gay talent.
Mercedes sharing the HIV gay cock.

If only she had restrained herself from posting in this thread:


I thought you guys were goona go hard on me..I truly did. LLMFAO! He,he,he..you guys are some weak ass chumps back here...man I am seriuosly getting bored...send me an email babe when you guys got a better profile and add into the shit with information that will really climb the wall. LMFAO. Weak ass sorry ass dudes back there. LMMFAO!

Well, hey, maybe we should leave her alone guys...

now head back into your caves and come back out with some good shit this time, let me know when you really got the dirt on me. But something that will truly effect me, not that stupid fake ass profile that the world knows is fake, for its over exaggerated greatly and not no old ass hit pic of me. Come on step up your fucking game you lame ass rabbits ass licking faggots.

When Juanita Torres issued this challenge, her wiki page was practically empty and nobody on the PWL forum knew or cared who the fuck she was. Now ain't THAT a bitch?!

Why did she run away from Porn Wiki Leaks and into the arms of her subscriber fan boys? Why, if she is as tough as she wants to sound, is she now reduced to begging for this wiki to be taken down through email? Read 'em and weep, bitch.

IN FACT the contents of this wiki are collected via GOOGLE, her own links, and social network activity.

She is currently negotiating a deal with Priceline.com so she can attack Donny Long's motel with a chainsaw like SCARFACE, because she still believes Donny Long authored this wiki himself.

Her new plan to get this wiki removed or to somehow get traffic away from this page is to drive 40 minutes round trip to Google Headquarters on a daily basis and whine and beg to them until action is taken. Why is this necessary if this wiki was created by "weak ass chumps" and if she "Does not have a rep that can be damaged"?

Mercedes Ashley Biography

Juanita grew up in a housing project on public assistance. Her father abandoned his family. Juanita ran away from home at age 14. She became a streetwalker and learned her trade charging on a sliding scale. By age 17 she was pregnant. She made the decision to have her baby — her son, now 22. Four years later, rather than earning a bachelor's degree, she had a second child. There was no father in their lives when she started whoring in strip clubs. After 12 years of frustration she decided to try her luck in porn as a means to promote her private sex-worker enterprises.

Mercedes passes the time spending her ill-gotten profits, dreaming of an unaccredited degree and attending to her degenerate fans. Mercedes doesn't actually like them; she's just interested in humoring and manipulating these shut-ins for personal gain.

Her life of crime should not be celebrated. There are other options available to victims of traumatic childhoods.

Mercedes Ashley Filmography

She claims to have done 180+ movies. Aside from her unwatchable amateur web content, IAFD lists about 100 titles, most of which are no doubt VHS compilations. The reality is she's unattractive and possesses no real appeal on film.

Mercedes Ashley In Her Own Words

If you have an hour to spare she can teach you her mercenary hooker philosophy.

Juanita's laughter is often followed by a long uncomfortable silence.

Mercedes Ashley Investments

At 3:22 of the above video, Juanita is asked about her investments. After thinking about it for several uncomfortable seconds, she claims her investments are as follows:

Mercedes Ashley Admits She And Her Whole Family Are Losers

Proudly talks about what a loser she and her family members are to try to make herself sound untouchable.

On Thursday 21st April 2011, said:

This guy posted a porn stars parents pictures in her profile (Monica Foster), listed their names and where they worked. Luckily...I hate me dad, I need to send him a pic of him and my mom is still old school, dont know how to use a computer and not important. My family is pretty much hood, so he cant blackmail me in any way. lol. He ran into the wrong bitch I say. I dont have a rep to save, My family members are all rowdy and hood, so their reps wont matter. lol. So lets see, there is my dead grandma. Hmmm.

Juanita has a sister with strong moral values. This sister cannot look at her without starting to cry. The shame of having an unrepentant whore in the family must be a great burden to carry.

Mercedes Ashley Mother Of The Year

Next best thing to an inheritance.

Her two kids are 22 and 18, both of whom were raised with the knowledge their mother is a hooker and porn whore. They are not allowed to have guests in the house. She's passing on her hustler whore mentality to them, so they'll both likely turn out to be whores. Juanita said if her daughter wants to do porn, she'll "make sure she goes to the right company." Contributing to a college fund for the education of her family would have certainly compromised Juanita's high standard of living, but luckily her children are functionally illiterate like their mother.

File:Mercedes ashley eats ass.gif
Juanita Torres would LITERALLY lick a white man's asshole to stay out the hood. *click to animate*

Mercedes Ashley Self-hating Latina

Juanita Torres would rather suck a white man's asshole than live near her peoples; she's too threatened by Black and Latino Angelinos to have them as neighbors:

[email protected] My home has heavy security and I live in a white neighborhood where the cops will swarm ur house for your barking at night. Lol

For real.

Mercedes Ashley Fake Boricua

She was born in Hawaii, but Hawaiian birth certificates are dubious. Although she claims to be Puerto Rican, she speaks way too slowly to be boricua morena. She could be a hungry Samoan or an illegal Hawaiian immigrant. Which is why this statement should not be taken seriously:

the dumbest shit you can do is stalk a Puerto Rican Chick. That is dangerous. SMH.

Mercedes Ashley l33t "Web Designer"

Knows nothing about HTML.

Mercedes is one of those hookers who thinks she has brains. She does indeed have big brains, both of which are made of silicon. She claims she's a webmaster/designer and actively advertises her services. By looking at the source code of her own pages, one can only conclude she doesn't even know anything about HTML.

Juanita uses every opportunity to pimp her site, from which she pimps herself out. She spams blogs, forums and social networking sites with comments where she always links to her sites.

Mercedes Ashley Can't Even Keep Her Own Site Secure

Put a diploma on your Amazon wish list.

It was reported on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum that Mercedes Ashley, self-proclaimed "Techie," is too inept to keep her own site secure and many are able to get into the site for free. Sadly, there isn't much to see on the site unless you're into fat thirty something losers who fuck a rapidly aging porn star. She then made a statement on Twitter:

Mercedes Ashley's site for free.

Tonight he tried breaking into the backend of my site I see. Lol. Too bad I sealed my fucking site. I am 2 steps ahead of his ass. Lmao! 5 hours ago

A Porn Wiki Leaks member then posted this:

Yeah it is really secure. Backend of a site...try the front end...try ANY end. That motherfucker has a bigger hole than that leaky pussy. I hope nobody uses this hooker for their website design.

40 years old and living with roommates.
"My house sits on a fucking golf course and I drive an S Class and an Escalade."

Mercedes Ashley Rich Bitch

Made the following statement on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum:

"My house sits on a fucking golf course and I drive an S Class and an Escalade".

She shares her rented house with multiple whores to enjoy a higher standard of living. By pooling their hooking money, they can afford to operate their whore sorority in a more exclusive neighborhood.

Mercedes Ashley Home Address

Juanita gave out too much info and bragged about living on a golf course, and now her address is here for all to see. Not smart, not smart.

The golf course Senorita Torres' house sits on is at the:

Juanita's address is:

Sure enough, when the Google maps camera passed her crib, her leased S-Class was in the driveway -- since she has no job and nowhere to be in the middle of the afternoon.

Mercedes Ashley Los Serranos Country Club

Juanita is the classiest and best-dressed unofficial member of the Los Serranos CC. Because of the steep link fees and her demanding hooker schedule, she prefers to secretly golf at night. When her hooking career is over she'll try out for the LPGA senior tour.
Juanita enjoying the links. Mind if I play through?

Mercedes Ashley Shits herself after address posted/Murder/Rape/Torture Threats

How did PWL track her to Chino Hills? Must have taken a fucking detective.

Come on over to my neighborhood in gang bang land and let my homies rape them tight ass buttholes you got faggot. lmfao!! Lmfao!! Bring it muthafucka bring it! Fuck Klu Klux Klan transexual faggots you need to be slapped up, tied up, put in pink piggy tails and raped from the back. ha! I got a whole crew that would lay pipe on that azz.. Let me know what you wanna do guys? We can set this shit up right quick and in a hurry. Send me your fucking office address so me and the rolling 60's and the East LA homies from my black and latino side can take care of these matters...You fucking with the wrong ho!

When Juanita contradicted her claims of wealth by repping the hood, we had to investigate.

It's not exactly a neighborhood in gang bang land and misrepresenting her lifestyle in such a fashion is insulting to more humble hard-working "hood" dwellers who might fix her toilet or sort her mail ... and wouldn't dream of making a living spreading their ass cheeks and eating dicks.

In keeping with her ghetto affectations, Juanita has taken to Twitter to try to act tough now that her address is out there for all to see. She claims she's not afraid of PWL showing up at her house, but that's not what she has to worry about. Based on the lowest common denominator she's chosen to pander to, she should be afraid. And she is, which is why she said THIS:

[email protected] I got a nice 45 right on side my bed to blow his brains out as he steps one foot in my house. Im ready.

Alex Bolanos can't tie his own shoes but offered to personally murder PWL. Don't worry: the obese bitch is 5'4" with heels on.

And this:

Good night everyone I am going to bed with the alarm system on deck, one eye open and hand on my bat and gun. In case he comes over. lol.

But wait, if she is a "tough chick from the hood," what's all the fuss about? Guns? Alarms? Bats? We thought she didn't give a shit about her address being posted.

And more:

My stalker is posting my home address telling people to rob my house when I am out of town, but guess what...I dont live alone you ass and not only that. I am on the horn to my homeboys so when you turn the doorknob, your brains will get blown to the ground. Bring it! I will have the homies housesit for me and not only that. The cops will be called and shown that tweet you ass. Again bring it!


Would the FBI be glad to jump in and rescue her -- protecting prostitutes and identity thieves who threaten to commit murder because they couldn't finish a flame war on the internet that THEY started? Juanita is dreaming.

Bitch, please.

An outdated Mercedes Ashley hooking profile on PamelaPeaks.com. Also note the typo in the price. Her actual rate is $150 but can be negotiated to $50.

Mercedes Ashley Hooking/escorting

Mercedes Ashley Pierced Botox Face

In a lame attempt to stay marketable, her face is surgically altered and pierced. Regardless she appears to be stuck in 1995. Her droopy titties got did and redid so long ago her implants are old enough to drink. Back then they put the scars around your nipples to make sure you're not fooled. Every photo still you see is Photoshopped as fuck, but you can't fix a bitch's scaly fingers.

Mercedes Ashley Man's Voice

Mercedes Ashley has the voice of a man. This is probably due to heavy drinking, drug and tobacco use over many years and side effects of her HIV meds as well as the HIV itself. This voice is on display in a recent series of YouTube videos where she lies about her HIV status while taking cheap shots at porn god Donny Long and fighting back tears.

Mercedes Ashley Hooker/Whore

Mercedes Ashley Cam Hooker

Hooks on cam to supplement her income and scrape together the rent on her house and notes on her leased cars. Lies about her age on her cam hooker profile by over a decade.

Online Fem Dom Sessions w/ Mercedes Ashley XXX offered to the slaves via Yahoo Webcam. Send me an email.

Do 1on1 webcam sexsions with the fans. Will meet you on yahoo and we can cyber sex via webcam 2gether email [email protected]

Mercedes Ashley Sells Her Crusty Used Goods

Collect any merchandise I own dildos, stocking, panties, heels. Autographed of course. More info [email protected]

Mercedes Ashley Bachelor Party Hooker

Head's up -- a clique of whores dispatched to bachelor parties for $200/hr. Long list of requirements:

They need you to provide the sound system, so guys please…no alarm clock radios, play stations, computer speakers, or cars pulling up to garages please..lol. They are strippers and are accustomed to strip club sound systems and disco balls so please have a pretty loud system to accommodate them.

The dancers request a large dressing room that is clean. The entertainers arrive with lots of luggage full of props and lights as well as bags of adult toys..lol..they need room! The will also need a private bathroom access to use so the party is not fighting with them for bathroom use.

WARNING: The dancers smoke cigarettes! Beware! Provide a dressing room that they are allowed to smoke in. They bring their own ashtrays and trash bags so they will be sure to return your dressing room in proper order. If you would like a dancer that is a non smoker than request that, but you will have probably 1 or 2 to choose from, so you might want to weigh your options out for they will not arrive to a show if they are not allowed to smoke a cigarette or 2. Don’t worry, all dancers do not do drugs, nor do they drink. It’s only cigarettes, live a little will ya!

Her hooking career is suffering, as evidenced by her increasingly downscale clientele.

Mercedes Ashley Pornography career

Nothing to speak of, really.

Mercedes Ashley Has To Resort To Fucking Her Fans

She must fuck her fans to keep them members of her site (she's that desperate). By the looks of these guys it's the only pussy they have or will ever get. If members decide to cancel their subscriptions, she publicly berates them. This could possibly be a scam to keep members on board. She may handpick her paying johns for these so-called "Fuck-offs" as she is a known scam artist, liar and fraud.

I have honestly checked everyone's memberships from the exact date and time and the order of entering the contest to keep it fair this list is true and correct.

The list changes weekly due to memberships cancellations and guys who cop out at the last minute.

Past lists are listed in my message boards/diary in the "Website Update" area if you may have missed your email calling.

1. Brice 2. EMM923 3. Ernietaco 4. SEAN_MAXWELL2001 5. TOM416999 6. Deringr 7. WHIZBANG76 8. KAJUNGUY2 9. ALBROOKS_GOERGE 10. DELTAFORCE112 11. KBEE17 12. Mowieboy 13. SILENTF13 14. SNAKEMAN6594 15. Fybkilla 16. Firstroundko 17. Grantm 18. RGAR1079 19. Geemonie 20. Archeye 21. Mbanks 22. MRBOUE1234 23. Ckcrock 24. Jtaggs 25. Akoniloi 26. BIG_REDD24 27. MATTYB27 28. DRL_2000 29. Tierrasoul 30. Joecritic 31. HARTRD25 32. KMC217 33. Keithemuhammad 34. Blueskies.Skydive 35. INTRINITY1 36. ORIGINALMAN00 37. JWILIAMS90210

The guys on listed below were on the list but canceled their memberships and are no longer members. (They are out of the games.) This is my member fuck off contest held for only for members in my site. Any questions e-mail me at: [email protected]

The collection of winners below won the 'Member Fuck Off' contest with Juanita. They have presumably waived monetary compensation for making these videos available in her mercedesashley.com members area. By the looks of these guys and the cheap motels these sessions are talking place in, Juanita likes to go back to her roots from time to time when she was a $20 streetwalker.

Mercedes Ashley Lies About Her Age

Every site she's listed on has a different birth date -- some have her up to 10 years younger than she is.

Mercedes Ashley STDs

Blasted onto the Porn Wiki Leaks forum and began insulting members because a conversation about her possible STDs from Twitter was posted on the forum. Unprotected sex with fans and other tricks still requires clarification on her screening procedures if she can be trusted to perform in mainstream porn.

Her uninformed statements ignored the possibility of such pervasive infectious conditions as HPV, herpes, hepatitis C, and genital warts. She voiced the following misconceptions regarding STD prevention in porn:

If I had any sort of STD's here is AIM Health Cares fucking number 818-915-5681. In my whole porn career even with a clean test I have been popping antibiotics before every scene to protect myself from crap like that. In all of my 11 years in porn have I ever came up with a dirty test.

AIM does test for HIV, chlamydia and gonorrhea. They also test for syphilis every six months. Yet tests for herpes, HPV and hepatitis are only performed at a client's request.

Furthermore the notion that oral antibiotics have any value in protecting against STDs is demonstrably false.

"ha! I will not stop fag. LMMFAO!!! My parents are very proud, my kids still love me and my man is still marrying my HIV ass and barebacking with me daily. LMFAO!!!"

Sarcasm is no substitute for answers.

Mercedes Ashley EAZY-E & DRE

Some speculate that Dr.Dre put her in his "Nothin but a G Thing" video as a reward for infecting Eazy-E with AIDS.

Mercedes Ashley Career Is Over

She has no career to speak of -- In porn or otherwise -- and has time to engage in flame wars 24/7. Her thread on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum in 2011 pushed 10,000 views and over 200 posts in the 24 hours that she began posting in it, and she was responsible for the majority of the posts in the thread. She spent most of April 19 and 20, 2011, on Twitter babbling about "Winning" against Porn Wiki Leaks. A performer with a career wouldn't have time for this. Her career is more over than Monica Foster's. NOTE: As of April 21, 2011, Juanita punked out and said she'd no longer post on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum because she couldn't take the heat. Much like Mike South, she'll only post on sites where she has lots and lots of her supporters to back her up. In her case, 3 or 4 supporters is all she can muster.

Juanita claims her career is going good and that she's "counting her paper" while Porn Wiki Leaks "gets paid $0" for doing these wikis, but that's untrue. She can't be making any money whining to her Twitter followers all day about how she got owned in a flame war. How much could she actually be getting done? Also, Porn Wiki Leaks gets more hits in an hour than her site gets in a week. She wishes she was as popular as Porn Wiki Leaks.

Mercedes Ashley Blames Her Failing Career On 9/11

10 years after the World Trade Center collapse she's still blaming 9/11 for her crappy career. Maybe her career is failing because she's an ugly, old hooker who no one will hire.

Stated that the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 has hurt her Internet business - IMDB

Mercedes Ashley Offended By Synonyms

What is your limit with making porn?

Dont do anal and be careful what u say to me when fucking…whore, slut, bitch if fine…but Nick Manning once said the word PIG on a set and almost got drop kicked in the middle of fucking me. Lol.

What, exactly, is the distinction?

Mercedes Ashley Thinks people read her "Diary"

Took the liberty of blasting Porn Wiki Leaks on her blog no one reads. Prior to her PR damage control her blog consisted of a calendar of "companionship" dates, bachelor party events and anecdotes. Should she choose to leave this record of criminal activity online, it makes a handy reference for law enforcement. The contents have been archived by Porn Wiki Leaks.

Mercedes Ashley Thinks She's Popular

Accuses Porn Wiki Leaks of targeting porn stars so PWL can "piggy back on there [sic] popularity." The only problem with this theory is that Porn Wiki Leaks gets more views in a day than Juanita's site gets in a month or two or three.

Mercedes Ashley Porn Convention Hooker

Like many porn stars, Mercedes Ashley hooks at porn conventions.

Mercedes Ashley The Delusional Chickenhead Reaches Popping Off Point Again

How she has the strength to post on Twitter after jerking cocks night and day is anyone's guess.
DAN ACKROYD is a murderer - follow him and see.

Mercedes Ashley Compares herself to celebrities

[email protected] He posted my address. Like I give a fuck. So is Kim Kardashians, Paris Hiltons address. I don't see them crying. Lol.

Now you can find Juanita's house on a Star Map just like you can take pictures of DAN AYKROYD: 7708 Woodrow Wilson Drive, Hollywood.

Mercedes Ashley Forum Activity/Twitter/Popping Off

Mercedes Ashley Sailor Mouth

Popped off on Porn Wiki Leaks about things said about her on Twitter (not by Porn Wiki Leaks). Accused Porn Wiki Leaks of posting the thread to increase its already large amount of traffic even though she is an aging, little-known hooker who'd bring little traffic to the site.

Instead of being respectful as new members should be, this entitled, aging whore blasted on to Porn Wiki Leaks and made accusations as well as called some members "idiots." This whore has a large sense of entitlement and a poor attitude. This isn't good since whatever looks she may have had are fading fast -- in the form of lines in her face and a rapidly sagging body.

She babbles like a mental patient when this only digs her deeper and makes this wiki more and more comprehensive. Her behavior suggests she suffers from mood swings and a borderline personality.

Mercedes Ashley Needed Help From Her Twitter Friends

Got her ass kicked so badly on Porn Wiki Leaks that she had her Twitter friends feeding her one-liners.
40-yr-old woman reduced to 'Yo Momma' jokes on the Net -- fed to her by Lonnie Barnes.

Mercedes Ashley White Knights

Internet tough guy and 'white knight' Lonnie Barnes, aka 'LTBFresh4Eva,' a computer nerd from Virgina, decided to be stupid and defend this whore with bogus hacking bravado. It was noted that Lonnie's beard looks gayer and more carefully manicured than that of homosexual George Michael. He can be contacted at [email protected]

Juanita Torres and her white knight Lonnie Barnes -- IT'S LIKE THAT.

Mercedes Ashley Twitter Posse Thugz

Mercedes Ashley Thinks She Has A Chance Against Porn Wiki Leaks

Donnie Log will never post shit about me again...for I will harrass and harrass till the days end. Lets ruin his credit.

The comment is proof she threatened to commit credit card fraud for the purpose of damaging the credit of someone who she THINKS is behind Porn Wiki Leaks (but is not) just because she got embarrassed on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum.

She actually believes she is winning against Porn Wiki Leaks when she's really getting her ass embarrassed on the forum and shit on on this wiki.

Mercedes Ashley Criminal Threats

Mercedes Ashley made serious criminal threats to Porn Wiki Leaks members. Some examples:

"You saw me grab the owner of this sites social security number, home address, license plates to his car, bank account numbers. So if I can grab that up that fast, dont think I cant yours"

Mercedes Ashley Protect the Twitter

Mercedes Ashley FX I am being cyber stalked. Here on out, all tweets are protected, whoever in here that is with me will remain, whoever is coming in... Mercedes Ashley FX will be fully swabbed....between their ass cheeks. My main twitter will be back up shortly. That one is protected as well. Mercedes Ashley FX So whoever is riding with me, will remain...outsiders...better have real pages...

Subsequently Mercedes Ashley has unlocked her Twitter where she pops off about PWL several times a day, attempting to control her image by tweeting false information about herself.

Mercedes Ashley STILL Owned on Porn Wiki Leaks

Despite this embarrassing wiki and her embarrassing thread on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum, which has over 200 responses and over 7,000 views, she somehow thinks she "Has it handled." The truth is that she's getting her ass handed to her and so is any white knight who gets in Porn Wiki Leaks' way.

She decided to stop posting at the Porn Wiki Leaks forum after one day. So she took to the friendly confines of Twitter.

Mercedes Ashley Downplays This Wiki

She tries to act tough and ghetto before she cries herself to sleep at night.

[email protected] To top it off he thinking he can release info. We all know we can get that anywhere like Spokeo. Lmfao! No news to us.

We do not believe for a second that Juanita is unaffected by this wiki. It's only gonna get worse for her. Women like her don't like being made a fool of because she's used to being in power with her malleable fans/johns. She has no control over this situation and has taken the beating of her life, and she can't deal with that reality.

Mercedes Ashley Flat-Out Owned

Mercedes Ashley -- MORE White Knights Just Keepin It Real


Keep rubbin' those nuts like a genie's gonna come out, hooker ... you might get your three wishes someday.

Mercedes Ashley Inconsistent and Contradictory

Dude go pick on a suburbanite. Never a chick from the hood dummy.

Which is it, hood or Chino Hills?

If she hasn't seen them since age 14 how does she know her mom can't use a computer, given that she hasn't seen her in over 25 years? Previously said her parents were proud of her. Now claims that she has no family and has been on her own since age 14. As noted before, she is a pathological liar who will lie to cover her ass and try to get the upper hand in arguments.

In late April 2011 she was said to be retiring from the adult industry after watching in horror what Porn Wiki Leaks did to her. But shortly after this, in early May 2011, she was seen Popping Off on Twitter, claiming victory over PWL and claiming she was no longer posting on its forum only because she was banned -- a complete lie as her username is still active: http://whitepiar.ru/forum/member.php?u=1127

Mercedes Ashley Spams Wide World of Webs from her Mac command center

She uses this rapidly expanding set up to attack Porn Wiki Leaks as well as solicit help from her Twitter thugs.

Mercedes Ashley A Broken Woman

Regarding this wiki page, Juanita has been reduced to sending emails begging for it to be removed:

From:"Mercedes Ashley" <[email protected]> Subject: My Legal 2257 Request to have me removed from your site

Body: What is Fraud? Fraud is defined as the act of knowingly, purposefully, and deliberately misleading another individual or entity with the intent to swindle or manipulate; fraudulent acts can be classified as misleading, deceitful, fake, and spurious activities in which the individual accused of fraud has attempted to garner personal profit or gain as result of their actions.

I am asking you to remove my profile and my name from your site. You are .committing a crime. I did not give you permission to have me on your site and what you call facts are as well all fraudulent. -- Sincerely, Mercedes Ashley Webmaster/Graphic Artist/.IT WEBSITE: mercedesashley.com EMAIL: [email protected] WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT: mercedesashleyfx.com WEB DEV EMAIL: [email protected] VOICE MAIL: 877-413-6085

As we know, this woman has threatened to commit fraud -- by the very definition she's provided in the above email. She happily announced she'd be taking the liberty of opening fraudulent credit card accounts in his name for the purpose of ruining Mr. Long's credit rating. She also posted Mr. Long's SSN in public and encouraged her fans to follow her lead. Ms. Torres doesn't have a leg to stand on on this issue.

Mercedes Ashley Laughable GoDaddy correspondance

From the Porn Wiki Leaks forum:

Mercedes is tweeting the corporate figurehead and general council of GoDaddy about PWL under the name Maria Torres

[email protected] Christine, At what point are you guys going to do something about that http://whitepiar.ru site that is in the media? 24 Apr

[email protected] Hey Bob. At what point are you guys going to do something about that http://whitepiar.ru site that is in the media? 24 Apr

Mercedes Ashley Chino Hills Cops Have Better Things To Do

The Chino Hills police haven't done anything about the death threats and illegal hooking out of the whorehouse she's running, and we're wondering why.

-- Police are now on their way to my home. End of story. For he continues ... time to let the law handle this. 25 Apr

Who did the Chino Hills police talk to - when did Mercedes fly to NYC and back and find time to consult with the sheriffs?

mafxwebmaster Mercedes Ashley FX Mercedes Ashley hits NYC for the 1st time ever on April 23, 24, 25th. For bookings info [email protected]

Mercedes Ashley Still popping off

Mercedes is still popping off on Twitter after losing yet another online flame war. She just keeps trying to win but keeps failing. She really thinks she can beat the PWL army.

She was involved with a website that was trying to copy Porn Wiki Leaks but was writing ass-kissing things about porn stars. When the PWL army told them they better shut it down Mercedes went nuts challenging PWL. PWL told her and everyone that "anyone who went on that site would get a huge wiki here on PWL and would get tons of updates." So Mercedes went nuts again blaming and threatening Donny Long and tried to get her fans to attack him since she got kicked in the cunt and lost again.

Mercedes Ashley Fake Porn Wiki Leaks

Tried to set up a bogus Porn Wiki Leaks site in a desperate attempt to take attention away from this wiki and this site. She is too dumb to do it alone so she enlisted the help of petty thief Sean Tompkins as he has a resume of several sloppy, amateurish forums to his credit. The site features a dead forum where Mercedes Ashley acts as the only poster AND moderator and spends all day talking to herself by posting threads that no one reads. The home page features several sloppy "articles" that are impossible to read all the way through due to terrible grammar and spelling and the fact that she rambles on incoherently throughout. The wiki features a handful of names with nearly all the wikis blank. The wikis that are partially completed are terribly edited with no creativity, no photos or video and no interesting or relevant information. She claims that the site will get better with time, but that won't happen unless she enlists several creative/talented wiki editors, which isn't likely and she has zero wiki editing ability to improve the site herself. The site will most likely fail within a few months. It is obvious that she has nothing better to do than to spend all day creating sites that have no chance to succeed.

Tompkins talks to failed hooker Mercedes Ashley.

Mercedes Ashley Tries to convince herself Porn Wiki Leaks envies her

In a laughable blog entry at her new little site, Mercedes Ashley rambled on for one pitiful paragraph after another about how the members of Porn Wiki Leaks are nothing but "jealous porn fans" who want to be like her and want to be with diseased porn hookers but can't -- unless they pay their hourly hooking fee. In the process she was too stupid to understand that while she was insulting PWL, she was also insulting all of her fans and johns who allow the dumb bitch to continue paying the rent on her house and the leases on her cars by buying her porn and hiring her as a hooker. Now that's one stupid fucking hooker who just bit the hand that feeds her. PWL is the one with the high-traffic website, and she's the one with the failing site and sagging tits and ass still hooking for rent money past the age of 40. No one wants to be you, honey. Take one look at this page and you'll see why.

Mercedes Ashley Youtube Videos

Mercedes Ashley created a series of Youtube videos in June, 2011, that saw her near tears, lying to herself about her "Great life" and "Family" and the fact that she is "Making money" while badmouthing porn god and Porn Wiki Leaks supporter Donny Long. The purpose of the videos was to try to dispute the HIV+ test that was posted on PWL -- and to try to convince herself she's winning the war against PWL when the opposite is true. She's clearly very sickly looking and hasn't worked in porn for over a year, which indicates she is indeed HIV+. And this wiki and her angry responses are proof she's been beaten from pillar to post by the great PWL and can never win.

I must have used the word ‘Fuck” and “mutherfucker” on my you tube vids probably 549 times as I cursed him and ripped him a new ass. lmao!

Keep in mind this is a middle-aged woman making these comments. She gets shit on on this wiki, and she thinks she can make up for it by dropping F-bombs as a middle aged woman on Youtube videos.

You forgot the red & gold seal on the bottom to authenticate the document, you fucked up on my age, the birthday, date collected and age does not calculate correctly. #DUMBASS. Gotcha! Try again and back to the damn drawing board.

The seal doesn't appear for tests obtained online. Note how she lies about her age because she's embarrassed about being exposed as a 40-something hooker when she advertises herself as being 30 on her various hooking outlets. The birth date above is absolutely 100 percent correct.

She also popped off about PWL being racist because "Their biggest enemies are a black (Monica Foster) and a Puerto Rican." PWL has gone after big mouths of all races. Foster and Mercedes Ashley are just the biggest loudmouths who are dumb enough to keep fucking with PWL, so they get shit on more than most. They could be blue, and they'd still get shit on. The race card is always a nice crutch.

Mercedes Ashley Awards

2004 Honorary Diploma - Sharon Mitchell Institute for Underage Prostitutes

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Mercedes Ashley Porn Videos

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