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Monica Foster

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Monica Foster
Rsz 13 b.jpg
Born Alexandra Mayers
7 January 1979 (1979-01-07) (age 39)
Kirkland, Wash.
Height 5 feet, 6 inches (168 cm)
Weight 135 lbs.
Measurements 34C-24-34
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Ethnicity Black
No. of adult films 30
at IMDb
at Adultfilmdatabase

Monica Foster is a failed pornographic actress, failed exotic dancer, failed model, high school dropout, alcoholic, drug addict, racist, e-thug, troll, religious hypocrite, gold digger and elitist.

Monica Foster, better known as Monica Dumpster, born Alexandra Melody Mayers on Jan. 7, 1979. Contact email: [email protected] Phone: 702-937-2123

Find out more about this performer's life before porn by looking at the porn star's real name page, Alexandra Mayers.


Monica Foster Wiki Collection

Family and Friends

Ivan Mayers, father, is a homosexual who got married and fathered two children. He came out of the closet in 1993, blowing the Mayers family apart and forcing the girls from Texas to Florida.

Victoria Mayers (DOB: 06/08/1983) busted for DUI on June 30, 2010, and then picked up again for a probation violation on Dec. 29, 2010. Failed on national TV on American Idol in 2003.

The Mayers Family:

Victoria Mayers makes an idiot of herself at 3:04
Vicky violates probation.

Family members home addresses

Parents professional information

Ivan Mayers retired from ExxonMobil in 2002 after a 33-year professional, managerial and executive career. Ivan grew up in a housing project in the Bronx not far from Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Zoo. During his ExxonMobil career he lived in Houston, Dallas, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

Quiet Waters Elementary

Porn Videos

Search Monica Foster Porn Videos

Message Board and talk

Monica Foster Talk


Early Life

Monica was born Washington state to a mother who was an art and music major, and a father who was an engineer and closeted homosexual.

Monica grew up in the outskirts of Houston and spent most of her early years in the solitude of her bedroom with no friends or boyfriend -- so not much has changed.


She has no sad story of being poor or being a runaway like someone like Mercedes Ashley. Monica was given everything she needed to succeed in life and still failed.

In 1993, when her father, Ivan Leacock Mayers, came out of the closet as a homosexual, Alexandra, along with her mother Joan and sister Victoria, moved to South Florida, where she attended high school but never finished due to laziness. On My Space, the following information about her high school career is posted:

Later, after getting her GED at 18, Alexandra enrolled in Florida Atlantic University. After one year at the university, she -- surprise, surprise -- dropped out of college.

Exotic Dancing

Because of her laziness, Alexandra found several benefits to exotic dancing: the easy money, the flexibility of only working when she wanted, and the camaraderie of other whores she worked with.

Alexandra was always an entitled little whore, so of course she couldn't handle it after awhile -- the overly aggressive drunken men, the drug scene, the constant propositions for sex from both club customers and management, and everything else that goes with the territory in that business. The fact that Alexandra thought she was better than she really was -- and thus refused to suck and fuck club members and management like a good little whore -- was the beginning of the end of her exotic dancing career. After a few months of dancing, Alexandra decided that exotic dancing wasn't something she'd want to do long-term at that stage of her life, so she put her stripper shoes on the shelf and once again quit something in life.

Pornography career

Beginning March 2008, Alexandra decided to get into the world of adult video. On March 31, 2008, she gave Christian Michael Wians (aka Christianx aka Tranny Fucker) head, fucked him, and he jerked off to pop on her face.
Monica takes a pop shot from Trannyfucker, March 31, 2008.
May 2009, Alexandra retired as an adult actress (with a total of only about 35 scenes performed).

Hooking/escorting history

In December 2010, Foster escorted for former Major League Baseball center fielder Lenny Dykstra to earn money for a flight home to Florida for the holidays. Dykstra paid Foster with a rubber check ($1K).

She ripped into Kacey Jordan on an Internet forum when Jordan announced she'd abort a baby that may have belonged to one of Jordan's wealthy celebrity johns. Foster has long been looking for one big score, and may be trying to get knocked up by a celebrity so she can retire. She's already failed with Dykstra. Wealthy johns should look elsewhere!


Cam Hooking

Monica Foster hooks on web cam. Her cam site profile says: I'm a sexy ebony model and webcam girl who loves to tease, play, strip, roleplay :) She lies about her age, claiming to be 34 even though she's 35. Those who've attended her shows report that she behaves much like a starfish on cam, no energy or enthusiasm for the job, not very friendly and watching her on cam is basically a wood killer. She's also overpriced compared to girl next door type cam girls because she milks her former porn name and overvalues her worth.


Death Threats

On Dec. 27, 2010, a teary-eyed and visibly shaken Alexandra logged onto her video blog and made death threats to people who'd re-posted public information about her family on an Internet message board. After realizing what she'd done and the consequences, she later removed the video and created a cleaner version with no death threats and no crying. She also made a death threat to someone on Twitter which was screen-capped and placed on the Porn Wiki Leaks message board.

UPDATE: She is threatening again and I am am posting screen shots of the old threats and the new threats.

UPDATE: I do plan on KILLING whoever has created & maintains the pwl site. Whether I kill what you love most or just you - it WILL happen.
Rsz 1rtthreat.jpg

She's the one making death threats but keeps saying that she fears for her life? This crazy woman has never been threatened by Porn Wiki Leaks, but she has spent a considerable amount of time threatening to kill their members while complaining that her life is in danger. Someone get this woman into a mental ward.

Monica Foster making death threats on Twitter.

More death threats occurred on 6/10/2011: she was now asking the KKK and Jews to kill people for her.

210932770 MonicaFosteronTwitterJune10 123 242lo.jpg

Suicide Threats

On Jan. 3, 2011, Monica Foster threatened to end her life and posted threats on Twitter. At 1:59 a.m. she wrote: "I don't know what to do. I embarrassed my family and put them in danger and now I'm being terrorized by whoever Donny Long is getting to do this to me. I feel like throwing up and I wish that whoever wants to kill me would just do it and get it over with. Fucking cowards. At 2:04 a.m., it appeared she'd decided to take her own life. She wrote: "I'm DONE. I wish I was dead because I have no options left and I can't handle this." Sadly, she never went through with the plan, and that is why this wiki exists and is constantly needing updates.

She said this in a blog entry on April 28, 2011:

Tuesday night, I was finally pushed over the edge after receiving a slew of hate filled messages online. I seriously contemplated ending my time here in this world.

Then LIED and said this:

however my mindset at the time was in a place that it's never been before

This is a lie as she'd made suicide threats in January and April.

Monica uses the "suicide card" any time she feels the need for some sympathy, which is why if she ever does decide to finally go through with it, no one will believe her, and her suicide will probably go unnoticed. She's cried wolf way too many times.

Monica Foster making more empty threats.
Monica Foster making suicide threats on Twitter.

Threatens to go on killing spree

Read from the bottom up:

Monica Foster went private on Twitter immediately following these outbursts, which suggests she knows her Twitter account could be suspended for her behavior and that she could be in trouble with the law for these threats.

Forum Activity/Twitter/Popping Off

Monica Foster is a controversial figure on several adult Internet discussion forums. She often posts under anonymous names and defends herself. She often loses arguments when she decides to engage forum members in debates. This leaves her threatening to quit the forum and never return, a promise she always goes back on. Several times she's threatened to "name names" of people in the industry who are racist, but she never follows through. She plays the race card often on the forums. Foster is a regular reader of the Porn Wiki Leaks message board, and whenever her public information is posted on the forum she runs to Twitter to urge her followers to call the police and FBI and get the forum shut down. She has failed at this time and time again. On Feb. 8, 2010, Foster briefly set her Twitter feed to private. Then the idiot realized she needs her Twitter to be public so she can solicit johns from that site. On April 28, 2011, she again went private on Twitter after making death threats.

"You're All Losers"

Monica Foster is a 30-something loser in life who has achieved nothing and is going nowhere and is so desperate that she begs for a wealthy husband or boyfriend on Twitter. However, she still feels like she's in a position to call anyone that offends her a "Loser" and uses that word every day on Twitter and on various Internet discussion boards. Keep in mind that those she characterizes as losers aren't going on the Internet and asking strangers if they can move into their homes with them. Monica Foster is, on the other hand, doing this type of thing.

Constant Popping Off on Porn Wiki Leaks

Monica Foster constantly attacks posters and contributors of the Porn Wiki Leaks forum under the 'Unregistered' moniker despite being a registered member of the forum. She is scared to death to log in and hasn't used her account since December 2010. Foster eventually outs herself with recycled comments and threats. Her favorite is "You're Done!" -- a threat she's used on many occasions and never followed through with even a single time. She's known for spending hours at a time on PWL pretending to be Monica Foster supporters and claiming that Monica Foster has beaten PWL, Monica Foster is going to get PWL shut down, or whatever nonsense she feels like Popping Off with that day. Eventually she gets bored and goes back into her hole after taking a walloping.

Other Crimes

Please visit the Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster Crimes List wiki to see a complete list of crimes that Monica Foster is guilty of.

Admits She Uses Unregistered Names

On May 20, 2011 Monica Foster admitted to using Unregistered names to cause trouble on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum:

Fine you won: Therealalexandramayers posts above are mine. This will be my final post here. You won whoever you are. Everything I worked for has crumbled since your attacks have begun and I'm out of resources and options. You won so gloat, jump for joy, whatever. I'll probably end up on the street at this stage, but at least my faith in God has been reaffirmed and I've come to realize that I would much rather fuck someone like James Jamesson over every man I ever encountered who claimed to be 'straight'. Fuck you, die and that's all I have to say.

Foster resumed using Unregistered names to troll the PWL forum the very next day.

Continues To Use Unregistered Names

As of 2014, pathetic hooker Monica Foster still hasn't found herself a life or any friends and especially a boyfriend, as no man would go within 10 feet of this loser. So she continues to troll the PWL forums, attacking wiki editors, critiquing their edits while being too lazy and cowardly to edit the wikis herself, and to advertise her videos and videos of those she's associated with. See: Monica Foster Trolls Porn Wiki Leaks for more.

Ass Kissing of Christianx

On Feb 6, 2011, Monica Foster began kissing the ass of gay porn star, tranny porn star, sometimes straight porn star and producer Christianx on Twitter after making a post on an Internet forum just 2 months earlier saying:

"on my first trip to LA for adult video bookings back in 2008, I was booked for a scene with this creep. If I’d have been more informed about CXXX I never would have agreed to do the shoot.".

C3X fired back with:

"Your only chance at relevancy was in 2008. your career is over. good luck to you."


"I wouldn’t hire Monica, because she isn’t that pretty, she doesn’t have a fanbase, and she isn’t that great of a performer."

And then C3X hit her with a massive blow:

"Monica, lets be honest: It can’t be fun to be staring at your phone hoping some trick calls you for a $300 private so you can keep the light on in your studio apartment. It can’t be fun to wake up knowing you need a day job because you literally can’t find anyone who wants to hire you for a porn scene of any kind. How much fun can it be to wake up and know you need to webcam for at least 8 hours to make $200-300 in order to pay your rent? Monica, it's tough to be angry at you, because you are so downtrodden and pathetic. I actually feel sorry for you. You had hopes and dreams of making a career out of the porn industry, but instead you are broke, destitute, and almost out of options. I actually want to wish you good luck in 2011……..you're gonna need it."

This did not prevent Foster, in a desperate attempt to get back into the biz and break out of poverty and be able to leave the seedy Franklin Park Apartments, from kissing C3X's ass on Twitter on Feb 6, 2011.

Twitter Feud with Tristan Stadtmuller

Monica Foster went on a Twitter rampage making false accusations that Tristan Stadtmuller is a pimp and is involved with sex trafficking of women. She'd posted a blog saying that she had enough evidence to convict him. She also pointed out that he owns firearms and that he's anti-Obama. She also went on a rant that he's stalking Nikita Denise and attacked the mainstream film "Live Nude Girls".

Foster's so-called evidence on Tristan Stadtmuller isn't enough to even get the cops interested in investigating him. Foster has a history of filing false police reports and FBI reports on people.

Lies About Porn People and Web Sites

Monica Foster often lies about people and accuses people of things without any evidence. She is obsessed with race, death and child pornography and her threats usually revolve around that. She is never able to put together any evidence to back up her accusations, which is why she lost her credibility years ago.

Monica Foster & TIFFANY FOX

In 2014, Monica Foster teamed up with whore Tiffany Fox in her attempt to ruin the porn industry and the escort business. Fox claims she's a victim of sex trafficking and was forced to become an escort by LA Direct Models. Foster and Fox say they're suing the company and getting the Feds to investigate it. Foster made a threat that she's documenting all of the Tweets and emails being sent to Fox, and that they're going to use the material in court.

In the interview with Foster, Fox says she has no job, has little money left to purchase cigarettes and is traveling in Europe. She also mentioned she's asking for donations because she willingly left the industry and she's not able to get a job. In short, Fox is a lazy whore who wants people to give her money so she can travel Europe and buy cigarettes instead of getting a job herself. This stupid whore is playing victim and crying rape after willingly working as an escort and taking the decent money she made. Like Foster, Fox is a FAILED porn actress who's upset about it and wants to blame everyone but herself -- so she joins Foster in attacking those who are making (or have made) a good living in the industry.

Foster and Fox need to take lessons from successful porn actresses like Tera Patrick, Jenna Jameson, Briana Banks (without the drugs) and others who've succeeded.

Monica Foster Looks for a husband on Twitter

Monica Foster is 35 years old, mentally unstable, has had no boyfriend for years, has very few friends, if any, and is damaged goods from doing porn and also webcam shows and real escorting. On top of this, she claims she contracted herpes from her former boyfriend, but she can't prove it. She's also claimed to be a rape victim and has named names without showing any proof that the man she is accusing committed any crime. Despite all her problems, she's made a list of requirements her next boyfriend must have:

I'm serious - if u meet my requested criteria please send a bit about yourself to [email protected]

I'm officially looking for a man. If you are:

then you may audition.

Audition at your own risk, guys and only if you are prepared to throw everything away.

Looks for a roommate/boyfriend on Twitter

When her gold digging went ignored, a desperate Foster posted this on Twitter on June 10, 2011:

I'm looking for a man who's normal I can move in with. If anyone wants a live in gf (seriously) let me know. Need to move this week.

Fucking pathetic and proof that this woman is batshit crazy. Let's put this in perspective: She said she ran to the cops because she was worried for her life after being given a robust wiki, but she's willing to move in with a stranger from Twitter? Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Would a self-proclaimed rape victim move in with a strange man? Not likely. Can you say attention whore?

Uses Twitter to attempt a return to porn

Desperate and downtrodden, the same Monica Foster that called everyone in porn a "loser," "scumbag" and other derogatory names took to Twitter in June 2011 to advertise that she was now available to be booked for porn scenes and even hoped to land a contract. This was amusing considering that no one in their right mind would hire this psycho, because if they do there is a 100 percent chance she will eventually turn on them and try to harm their reputation regardless of how well she is treated. Again, studios, directors, porn actors -- do yourself a favor and stay far, far away from this nutcase. She should be blackballed from the industry because she's a danger to anyone involved with it.

Ties to Gay Mafia

On Feb. 11, 2011, Monica Foster sent a series of supportive tweets to Gay Mafia member James Jamesson, a gay porn star and escort and former gay lover of Cameron Reed (Patient Zero). On Feb. 17, 2011, Foster posted a YouTube video she shot and produced showing a very frail and sickly looking Jamesson walking the streets of Hollywood. In this video, Jamesson tried to convince viewers that everyone is gay/has gay urges. Jamesson also denied that he is HIV+ and denied he was taking medications to treat the disease. Some believed Jamesson and Foster were possibly romantically involved as they were both rejects/damaged goods/whores.

Problems with alcohol

Monica Foster is an alcoholic and is rarely seen on cam without wine, beer, whiskey or a cocktail. She's often drunk during her video blog or cam shows, as her erratic behavior illustrates. This may be due to her trying to drown her father's homosexuality out with booze. On Monday, Feb. 28, 2011, Monica Foster appeared completely wasted on her video blog. Pictures of the show were posted to the Porn Wiki Leaks forum and showed Foster at an all-time low point. Foster appeared to be drinking an excessive amount of red wine. She appeared to be making crazy, violent movements and looked haggard. At one point in the show it looked as if she was attempting to eat a house plant. Viewers to her live broadcast also reported Foster making strange comments. Here are some of the comments that were reported to the Porn Wiki Leaks forum: "She says she the biggest black female porn star out there today," "Tori Black is not fresh anymore," "Tee Reel doesn't help the sistas," "She's the most well-connected star out there with her websites and cam shows," "She's too good-looking," and "Bill Clinton is a black man." Drinking alone, as Foster does constantly, is one of the warning signs of alcoholism.
Foster boozes on cam.
Foster out of control and drunk on her video blog, Monday 02-28-11.

Foster Booze Gallery

Destroyed by Porn Wiki Leaks

Monica Foster did an interview with writer Dick Abowitz of The Daily Beast. In the interview, Foster tried to make herself sound like a victim despite the fact that she is at fault for all the negative things that have happened to her. First, she went public after former MLB star Lenny Dykstra fucked her and then wrote her a rubber check. Second, she discussed the incident on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum. When they asked her to post a copy of the check, she became belligerent and decided to engage forum members in a flame war. She insulted forum members, talked down to them and insinuated they were gay.

Because she posted photos of herself on her official website with her real name on them, (C) Alexandra Mayers, it was easy to piece together the info that appears on this wiki. Her parents are both high-profile professionals with business profiles posted on the Internet. Her sister is a failed American Idol performer and criminal, and the more she talked, the more Porn Wiki Leaks found on her. NOTE: Nothing on this wiki wan't out there IN PUBLIC before Foster began fighting with PWL. All PWL did is search for it like anyone with an Internet connection could have done.
Her real name on photos posted on her web site.

Failure to get Porn Wiki Leaks shut down

Monica Foster is under the impression that porn god Donny Long runs Porn Wiki Leaks, when it's been noted repeatedly that he has no ties to the site. She went ahead with a blog named Shut Down Donny anyway in an attempt to get PWL closed. Shortly after the blog was created, it crashed and burned while PWL remains strong. We suspect her attempts failed because not only is she incorrect in accusing Mr. Long of running PWL but because there are few people who are willing to back a mentally disturbed, aging black hooker like Foster.
Monica Foster fails while Porn Wiki Leaks marches onward.

Can't drop it

As of April 27, 2011, Monica Foster continued the crusade against Porn Wiki Leaks by insinuating on Twitter that she.d seek out all involved with Porn Wiki Leaks and commit several counts of murder against the main principals. She also made suicide threats, which suggested she may be planning a murder-suicide. Then she paid a visit to the forum and made backhanded threats under many 'Unregistered' usernames. Basically, she made "If my wiki is not removed" threats. Ms. Foster claims to be preparing a suicide note/portfolio that will lay all blame on Porn Wiki Leaks. This woman has lost it and will do something drastic, but Porn Wiki Leaks will not have pushed her to it. This woman has been sick for a number of years, guaranteed.


Monica Foster claimed that Porn Wiki Leaks was stalking her when it was the other way around. In addition to using the Unregistered moniker on the PWL forum to stalk the community, Foster insisted that she'd sue them because they exposed the mistakes she made in her own life. She regularly made death threats towards PWL and to this day, makes similar threats towards other people on the Internet that have made a fool of her. She's unable to accept it when she loses and then becomes homicidal and suicidal. As of 2014, she continues this behavior.

Monica Foster Religious Hypocrite

Monica Foster claims she has found God and is now a Christian. However, she's a hypocrite and continues to whore herself out on webcam and call people losers and other names and make threats to kill them or encourages them to kill themselves. She claims this happened due to a bird that flew into her old Franklin Parks apartment and parked himself there for several days. In her drug-induced haze she decided that it was a "Sign from God." Foster's good Christian duties:

Monica Foster Racist

Monica Foster has played the "race card" to death on Twitter and on various message boards and blogs. She plays the victim despite having every advantage growing up. On top of this, she is a racist herself, recently creating a site called Jewish Dirt, where she attacks Jewish members of the porn community.

The End of Monica Foster

At 3 a.m. PST on May 20, 2011, Alexandra Mayers claimed to have "killed" Monica Foster and claimed to be 100 percent done with the porn biz. She also "named names" of those porn industry insiders she planned to go after because they'd wronged her. She made threats to kill them. Foster claimed she would run them over with her car. She also claimed to have been drugged up and raped in a Hollywood apartment by Chase Stylez. To this day she has not provided proof that he raped her of was even at the apartment that night. As of 2014, Mayers continues to use the name Monica Foster to make money in naked web cam shows.

Of course, Mayers went back on this several days later and announced the show wouldn't end. Her deep need for attention is the reason for the change of heart. And of course, she will resume whoring herself out on webcam, Skype and over the telephone for lonely old men who fantasize about down-and-out hookers.

Warning to potential employers about Monica Foster

As of June 2011, it appeared Monica Foster had finally decided to get a day job as her gold digging and cam hooking days appeared over. This page should serve as a warning to any potential employer who may consider hiring Alexandra Mayers -- DON'T -- and you will save yourself and your company time, money and embarrassment. This woman is a liar, thief, hooker, is lazy, vindictive, angry and will be a hazard to your company and your employees.

Monica Foster Wiki Cleaned Up/Then Restored

Donny Long okay'd this wiki to be cleaned up and family information removed based on Foster's cooperation on Twitter. However, just as was expected, she turned on Long and refused to remove some bad things she said about him. She claimed she didn't care if her family was posted because they've been posted for two years, and it's too late now, that too many other sites have re-posted info that PWL originally posted back in 2010. She called Donny entitled and arrogant. And so, this wiki has been restored to its original glory and WILL NEVER BE EDITED OR TONED DOWN AGAIN!

Monica Foster remarks about Donny Long daughter

In July, 2015, the vile Foster made comments about Donny Long's baby daughter potentially entering porn when she is 18. Not only is Foster a vile, disgusting piece of shit for saying this about a child but she neglects to mention that her own father, an irresponsible homosexual, abandoned her whole family when she was a teen because he craved white cock. This is the reason that she ended up an angry, racist, lonely old maid that lives alone and that can't hold a straight job well into her thirties.

Monica Foster Herpes

Has claimed to have contracted herpes from porn cameraman Matthew Holder. It is believed that she does have it, but got it from someone other than Holder and just accuses him of purposely giving it to her because she is a fucking psycho that is sore that he dropped her like a hot potato. Future johns or sexual partners, be advised.

Monica Foster v Marc Randazza

Monica Foster was sued for writing lies about a Las Vegas woman named Jennifer Randazza. Mrs. Randazza's husband is a prominent Las Vegas attorney who has also been lied about by Foster. Fed up and sick of the lies and bullshit, Randazza sued Foster for $167,000 and change and won the suit in June, 2016 with the help of Randazza's team of skilled attorneys. Even as she has been financially ruined, Foster still hasn't shut her fat hole and has no plans to, a decision that could eventually land her behind bars.




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